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The Illinois Steward

Winter 2009

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Volume 18, Number 4
Winter 2009

In a Place Called Illinois: Why Should Illinois Care About Global Warming?

Previews Illinois’ impending climate and weather
Donald J. Wuebbles and Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Looks at the challenges of saving native species
Brian Anderson

Saving Species in Place

Suggests a strategy for saving native species
Robert J. Reber, Michael R. Jeffords, and James Ellis

A poem of place: The Dudley Sisters

Chronicles the lives and work of Gladys and Ruth Dudley
Susan L. Post

Nitrogen-Fixing Woody Plants: Bellwethers of Global Environmental Change?

Considers unforeseen consequences to ecosystems
Jeffrey O. Dawson

Global Climate Change and the Gardener

Helps gardeners adapt practices to the coming reality
Dianne Noland and Sandy Mason

Impacts of Climate Change on Illinois Agriculture

Ponders the effects on our state’s agriculture
Wesley Jarrell

FocalPoint: Frozen Evidence

Points out already visible evidence of climate change
Michael R. Jeffords

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