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The Illinois Steward

Spring 2010

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Volume 19, Number 1
Spring 2010

In a Place Called Illinois: Watchable Wildlife: Beaver

Puts Us on the Trail of Illinois' Largest Rodent
Susan L. Post

Backyard Prairie

Shares the Joys of a Small Prairie Reconstruction
James L. Ellis and Fred Delcomyn

People, Fire Promote Woodland Health

Places Us on the Front Line of a Woodland Burn
Rob Kanter

For the Love of Trilliums

Celebrates Trilliums and Handmade Books as Objects of Beauty
Kathleen Gamess

Uncovering the Middle and Late Archaic Cultures of Illinois

Takes Us Back in Time into Archaic Ways of Life
Dale McElrath, Mary Simon, and Robert J. Reber

Native Nitrogen-Fixing Plants and Their Microbial Partners in Illinois Prairies

Stresses the Value of Nitrogen Fixation for Illinois Prairies
Jeffrey O. Dawson

FocalPoint: Swing Low

Gives a New Perspective on Photographing Trilliums
Michael R. Jeffords

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