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Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip RS

Celebrate National Garden Month in April!

Did you know? April is National Garden Month!  Here are our top four ways to celebrate: 1. Get started on your own garden! Whether you are new to growing your own foods or have several years under your belt, a great place to start is by visiting Extension's A Taste of G...

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Animal Crackers on a Log rs

Five Ingredients or Less: Animal Crackers on a Log

I recall getting small boxes of animal crackers as a treat as a child. I would be so excited to find some of my favorite animals inside - lions, giraffes, and horses! It sure helped that they were delicious, too. We all have fun memories of food as a child. This recipe, Animal Crackers on a Log, takes two popular kid-friendly snacks (animal crackers and ants on a log) and puts them toge...

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