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Northwest Illinois Horticulture Corner

In the far Northwest Corner of Illinois, gardening is a very popular pastime! Get your info here!

Horticulture hydration

News source/writer: Andrew Holsinger, 217-532-3941, It's not rocket science; we all know that plants need water to thrive. But Andrew Holsinger wants to give gardeners a refresher on the ins and outs of garden hydration. "Many environmental conditions factor into plant survival," says Holsinger, a...

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Creating a Butterfly Oasis

News source/writer: Kari Houle, 217-357-2150, There are approximately 2,000 species of butterflies and moths native to Illinois, and creating a butterfly oasis can bring them to your backyard. "One of the things to remember when creating a butterfly oasis is to provide both nectar sources for butterfli...

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Garden Flowers for the "Dog Days" of August

News source/writer: Martha Smith, 309-756-9978, Every summer, gardeners notice that certain plants are beautiful up until the heat arrives. Then they fade and wither, leaving us with only the memories of what once was. To keep these plants looking good, watering becomes a nightmare during high heat and perio...

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Goldenrods for the Garden

News source/writer: Martha Smith, 309-756-9978, When August arrives, our gardens start to show off their late summer beauty. Butterflies flit from plant to plant, often alighting on members of the Solidago species, commonly known as goldenrods. This native plant has gained popularity in recent years....

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Master Gardener Program Seeks Applicants

Posted by Nikki Keltner - Programs

University of Illinois Extension is accepting applications to participate in the 2017 Master Gardener Training. Master Gardeners are volunteers that have gone through an eleven week horticulture training course led by Extension Educators. Once training is complete, trainees participate in volunteer work before being designated as "Master Gardeners." Master Gardener Training will be held...

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Decoding the secret language of flowers

News source/writer: Rhonda Ferree, 309-543-3308,   URBANA, Ill. – Do you give flowers to your loved one on holidays and birthdays? Flowers are a great way to communicate your love and affection, and some can convey...

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Benefits of intergenerational gardening

News source/writer: Bruce J. Black, 815-632-3611,   URBANA, Ill. – Like many life skills, gardening is often learned directly from family members. Grandparents might recruit the grandkids to help water transplants or drop in seeds, setting the stage for a lifetime love of gardening....

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