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Manure Central

Manure Central

Nutrient Management Planning

Illinois Manure Management Plan (IMMP)

In Illinois, there are three different manure management plans that a livestock facility might need to have. University of Illinois Extension has worked with Illinois Department of Agriculture, Illinois Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to develop one website of step- by-step instructions that, if completed, will comply with the needs of all three agencies.

Manure Share

Manure Share is a manure exchange program that brings gardeners and landscapers searching for organic materials for use in composting or field applications in contact with livestock owners who have excess manure.

Illinois Custom Applicator List

A listing of applicators and haulers across the state of Illinois.

Certified Livestock Manager Training

University of Illinois Extension is subcontractor to the Illinois Department of Agriculture to provide the workshop training and materials and workshop instruction.

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