Webinars and Recordings

Each year, elected and appointed government officials and administrators from across the state improve their knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities offered by University of Illinois Extension. Participants benefit from the advanced instruction and broad expertise that instructors bring to all our programming. In 2015, more than 480 local government officials learned through webinars, workshops, and program recordings.

Site Selection: How to Connect your Site to the Prospective Business

Thursday, December 8, 2016 | Noon - 1pm

Join us for a discussion with Cheryl Welge on the next Local Government Education webinar, the final in our Fall series on economic development in Illinois. Cheryl Welge, an expert in site selection, will be presenting a more detailed discussion of the site selection process. In the previous site selection webinar, we covered the state and technical aspects of Location One and site selection in Illinois. During this upcoming webinar, Cheryl will share her expertise on capacity requirements for site selection from the site selector perspective.