Webinars and Recordings

Each year, elected and appointed government officials and administrators from across the state improve their knowledge and skills through professional development opportunities offered by University of Illinois Extension. Participants benefit from the advanced instruction and broad expertise that instructors bring to all our programming. In 2016, 1125 local government officials learned through webinars and program recordings.

Illinois Broadband: Federal Policy Framework

Thursday, April 20, 2017 | Noon - 1pm

Join us for a discussion with Matt Johnson, Vice President, Government Policy, of Shawnee Communications, a rural broadband and telecommunications provider in southern Illinois. This webinar will include a brief summary of past and current federal telecommunications and broadband policy, including an update on the Washington, DC perspective regarding broadband, and how that may affect Illinois communities. Discussion will include the FCC’s approach to broadband deployment, with respect to hot button programs such as FirstNet, E911, rural broadband, 5G wireless and others.