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Horticulture columns and tips done on a timely basis

Spring Lawn Care Telenet

Posted by John Fulton -

Spring Lawn Care The main purpose of spring lawn care is to get the grass through the summer. Cool season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and the fescues need to develop a strong root system in order to survive summer's...

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Early Spring Pruning Chores

Posted by John Fulton -

Pruning We are rapidly approaching the end of the pruning season for most fruit trees and deciduous ornamentals. There are a few rules that are recommended for pruning, and there are several other items that are up to the discretion of the person doing the pruning. One of the beginning items to discuss is the equipment. Most pruning can be done with three pieces of equipment...

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Starting Your Own Seeds

Posted by John Fulton -

Starting Your Own Plants It's now heading toward March. It still gets cold some days, and the days are still short, but those seed catalogs are a sure sign of spring on the way. Groundhog shadow, or not, it is time to plan for starting your own plants. There are quite a few details to begin your own transplants. I don't know which comes first, the chicken or the egg, so I'll beg...

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