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Prairies to Perennials

An almanac of all things that grow in Lincoln's backyard.
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The Monarchs Have Arrived

In 2012, the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener volunteers began a restoration of the gardens of the Dana-Thomas House and at the cottage on the west side of the railroad tracks. One of the many projects undertaken was a planting of various native plants in a garden behind the cottage. This project was later expanded to include appropriate plants for a pollinator garden. M...

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Garden Symposium Makes Everyone Anxious to Get in the Garden

On Saturday, March 25, fifteen garden enthusiast attended a "Vegetable Gardening Symposium" to learn and share experiences about some of the vegetable and fruit choices available for early planting in the home garden. Participants also learned more about composting and how easy it is to recycle vegetable scraps and yard waste to build rich compost for use in your garden. The workshop wa...

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Master Gardener Trainees Learn About Grape Vine Pruning

At a recent University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener training class, held at the Extension office in Springfield, a group of Master Gardener trainees observed firsthand the proper technique for pruning grape vines. The lunch time demonstration was presented by Master Gardener volunteer Bill Budd in the Fruit and Vegetable Demonstration Garden outside the extension office located at 700...

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Master Gardener Volunteers Share Gardening Knowledge

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn -

Volunteering is a great way to share your talents. University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program provides an opportunity for participants to learn more about gardening, develop new friendships and share information with others on good gardening practices. Springfield resident and retired teacher, Sara Oehlert shared the following. "Being a Master Gardener Volunteer gives me m...

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Square foot oct 2016
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Square Foot Garden

Raising vegetables in a square foot garden can be a great way to grow produce in a small space. In 2016, master gardener volunteers planted a square foot garden in their Small Fruits and Vegetables Demonstration Garden. The set-up followed the expertise of Mel Bartholemew set out in his "Square Foot Gardening" books. These three pictures of the "Square Foot Garden" were taken on...

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Mexican bush sage
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Worth Waiting For...

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn - Herbs

Worth Waiting For.... There are many annual and perennial sages commonly found in gardens in spring and summer. They are reliable bloomers in reds, blues, and other colors and fill a variety of landscape needs. SeveralĀ  Salvia species are easy to grow, relatively trouble free, and pollinator friendly. Two members of the Salvia family that are hardy in zones 8 to 10, Pine...

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Hummingbird Mint Creating a Buzz

Posted by Jennifer Fishburn - Herbs

As Fall advances, coneflowers, milkweed and other favorites of butterflies and beesare producing fewer blooms and concentrating on seed production for next year. There are plenty of plantsthat continue to brighten container andlandscape plantings andserve asnectar sources.There are alsosome native perennials that continue to be very attractive blooming plants right up to the first frost....

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