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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.

Fall Gardening Tips by Ron Wolford

URBANA, Ill. - Taking a walk in cool, crisp weather, attending football games, picking apples, and choosing the perfect pumpkin are some quintessential activities for the fall, said University of Illinois horticulture educator Ron Wolford."Planting bulbs is probably the number one garden activity that takes place in the fall, but there are a number of other gardening and fall-related activities to...

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Fall is here.....Time to plant shrubs

Fall is Here...Time to Plant Shrubs "Planting shrubs starting now through mid-October offers many benefits that may outweigh spring planting," states University of Illinois Horticulture Educator, Kelly Allsup. The temperatures are cool and easier on the plants, so there is less chance for the shrub to be stressed by extreme heat. The warm temperatures of the soil and co...

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Tree Identification Workshop on October 1st

Tree Identification Would you like to know what kind of tree you have in your backyard? Whether it is an oak, maple or something rarer learn to identify trees with this Tree Identification workshop presented by University of Illinois Extension. Please join us on October 1, 2015, 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the McLean County Extension Office at 1615 Commerce Parkway, Bloom...

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Oregon Extension Saving seed

Seed Saving Program in Bloomington on September 28

Have you ever had a plant in your garden that you really liked and wanted to be able to grow it again next year? If you answered yes, then this is the workshop presented by Master Gardener Jaci Dixon is a must attend for you states University of Illinois Horticulture Educator, Kelly Allsup. University of Illinois Extension McLean County Master Gardeners will be hosting a workshop entitl...

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Snakes by Jason Haupt

I know that everyone has heard the phrase, "The only good snake is a dead snake", but have you ever really thought about what purpose a snake serves? Are the only good snakes dead? I think the phrase should be changed to, "The only good snake is a hungry snake." Many people think that snakes are scary, dangerous, slimy and all around unnecessary. But that is not the case. In fact, e...

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Oregon Extension Saving seed

Seed Saving Program in Pontiac on September 17

Seed Saving & Propagation- Livingston County Thursday, September 17 at 6:30 p.m.U of I Extension Livingston County officeUniversity of Illinois Extension Livingston County Master Gardeners will be hosting a workshop entitled "Seed Saving and Propagation" on September 17 at 6:30 p.m. at the Livingston County Extension office. Join Dee Woodburn and Sherri King, Livingston County...

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Last Chance to go on an Odyssey with the McLean County Master Gardeners

Posted by Kelly Allsup -
October Garden Tour to Missouri and Arkansas Planned After a busy summer of activities, are you looking for a fun getaway to enjoy beautiful fall foliage and gardens? Come join the McLean County Master Gardeners on their three day "October Garden Odyssey" tour scheduled for October 20-22, 2015. Sit back, relax...

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