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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.

Fall is a good time to take a soil test

Fall is a great time to test the soil and alleviate questions about fertility in your vegetable gardens or beneath that beloved shade tree. Fall soil testing allows the gardener to make additions to the soil before winter. Individual types of plants (vegetables, trees and flowers) require ideal soil pH and nutrient levels to thrive. The soil test is a scientific way of gathering p...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:04AM on 9/9/2014
Categories: Horticulture News


Some Weeds Bad Side Outweigh the Benefits

May Berenbaum, University of Illinois entomologist and researcher of the decline in honeybees, has said Illinoisans need to be more accepting of weeds, which provide habitat and food sources f...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:15AM on 9/2/2014
Categories: Horticulture News

white grub scouting

Japanese Beetle Grub Watch by Phil Nixon

Populations of adult Japanese beetle continue to be light in most of Illinois. Although leaf feeding damage on linden, crabapple, rose, and other trees and shrubs is obvious in some areas, the amount of damage is less than in most years and not as widespread. The reduced number of adult beetles should translate into fewer eggs laid in turf. The combination of fewer eggs resulting in few...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 4:58PM on 8/26/2014
Categories: Bugs


Fall No time to stop gardening

When most gardeners are dealing with the remnants of their summer harvest and preparing the garden bed for winter, most professional vegetable growers are about to have their most productive growing season of the year: fall. The fall offers a second chance at growing cool-weather vegetables commonly planted in early spring. The cooler weather reduces disease pressures and pest outbreaks t...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 4:15PM on 8/22/2014
Categories: Vegetables and Fruits

Food Forest

Local Food Systems Continue to Grow in Central Illinois A healthy local food system is like a healthy ecosystem, requiring a diverse array of partners working in collaboration to create resiliency and a high level of functionality. The University of Illinois Extension local food systems team – Bill Davison, Brian Lambert, and Amanda Christenson – is excited to announce...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 4:00PM on 8/19/2014
Categories: Vegetables and Fruits


Tips for Summer floral Designs

As a hired hand in the gardening world, I would gather blooms from the recently tended landscape to create a floral arrangement for the inside of the home. The transition from gardener to floral designer seemed effortless since landscaping and floral design share common principles: repetition of colors and textures, using different sizes to create a shape, complementary color pallet and so...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 5:02PM on 8/16/2014
Categories: Horticulture News

Butterfly weed ISU

Take time to Savor the Prairie

For those of you who have never walked the prairies of Illinois in the summer when the silphiums (prairie sunflowers) are reaching for the tallest spot, the milkweeds are teeming with butterflies and the coneflowers are buzzing with bees, you are missing a piece of our Illinois history. For the ultimate opportunity toknow the beauty of our Illinois landscape, plan your prairie visit at su...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 4:58PM on 8/13/2014
Categories: Horticulture News