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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.

Branches in the Buff by Diane Pewa

URBANA, Ill. – It's winter, and the deciduous trees outside are bare. It's a perfect time to examine your trees "au naturel", said Diane Plewa, a University of Illinois Extension diagnostic specialist. "Because the trees are 'in the buff," it's a great time to look for damage to limbs and branches that become hidden once leaves cover the tree," she said One common problem often see...

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Preventing Winter Burn on Evergreens by Candice Miller

Last winter was a tough one on many of our evergreens. Most gardeners had severe browning on many of their evergreen trees and shrubs, and some were even killed by the cold winter winds of winter. This year, take some steps to prevent some of that damage. The problem comes when water isn't available for the evergreens to take up and cold winter winds draw too much moisture out of the pl...

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University of Missouri Extension Tiny Greens

Growing Tiny Greens

Keeping with the spirit of inside gardening, growing microgreens can be just as tasty as herbs but can be even easier to grow, with added benefits. Microgreens (micro-vegetables or micro-herbs or tiny greens) refers to the stage of growth between baby greens and sprouts. These tiny greens are normally harvested 10-14 days after planting and have fully spread leaves ready to add color, crun...

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McLean County Master Gardeners put on 12th Annual Home, Lawn and Garden Day Show

Home, Lawn and Garden Day 2015 Home, Lawn and Garden Day is the ideal place to get inspiration for future garden projects, fall in love with a must-have plant or learn the basics of everyday Gardening. University of Illinois Extension's McLean County Master Gardeners host their 12th annual Home, Lawn and Garden Day just in time to beat the winter blahs. Online registrat...

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Photo Mike Jeffords
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Bloomington Extension hosts Illlinois First Detectors Training Invasive Pest Workshop

Illinois First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop University of Illinois Extension offers an invaluable program called the "Illinois First Detector Invasive Pest Workshop" in an effort to educate the community on invasive threats to our Illinois landscape. Invasive threats like the Emerald Ash Borer have drastically reduced the number of Ash trees. Another common threat is...

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Tips on Growing Herbs Inside for the Winter

For most gardeners, growing does not cease during the cold months of winter, but it causes them to move their growing operation indoors. Many choose to grow herbs indoors, keeping the house alive with greenery and ensuring a supply of fresh garden herbs in their home-cooked meals. Here are a few tips for creating an indoor herb project: First, provide enough sunlight and humidity....

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Livingston County Master Gardeners Welcomes 15 new Trainees

Livingston Master Gardeners welcomes 15 new interns to the program after completing 12 weeks of University of Illinois style training in all subjects' horticulture. Kelly Allsup, University of Illinois Horticulture Educator, says, "these new Master Gardener volunteers will ascend on the county to complete their volunteer hours in a range of approved Master Gardener Projects. From the Master Gar...

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