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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.
european hornet J  Lawrence

Cicada Killers and European hornets by Phil Nixon and Kelly Allsup

We have been receiving reports of large wasps in recent weeks that some people have "identified" by using the Internet as Asian giant hornet. This is confounded by several news stories, including some in Illinois, on supposed sightings of the Asian giant hornet. From what I can tell, there have been no confirmed sightings of Asian giant hornet in the US. There are no US photographs or coll...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 3:21PM on 7/20/2014
Categories: Bugs

black knot infection by Jim Shuester

Black Knot on Cherry by Travis Cleveland-Diagnosed in McLean County

Black knot is a common fungal disease that affects at least 25 Prunus species, both edible and ornamental. The disease is caused by the pathogen, Dibotryon morbosum , which infects the new twigs, branches, and fruit spurs during the spring. Trunks also can become diseased. Most infections occur between bud break and 2 weeks after bloom when wet conditions are accompanied by...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 3:00PM on 7/19/2014
Categories: Plant Clinic Diagnosis

Click Beetles

Top 5 Facts: The Eyed Click Beetle: Good Bug Alaus oculatus Picture taken by Tony Dorley of Normal 1. Picture Taken In suburban Washington DC in May (Range Eastern United States to Texas) 2. White Spots are “false eyes” and considered adaptions to scare off predators 3. When placed on back or attacked...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:00AM on 7/18/2014
Categories: Bugs

Tomato Crack Missouri Botanical Garden

Tomato Cracks

Excessive Moisture can cause Tomato cracking in Blooomington Normal Picture by Missouri Botanical Garden...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:04AM on 7/17/2014
Categories: Vegetables and Fruits

Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato Missouri Botanical

Tomato Fungal Diseases Revisted

Fungal Diseases of Tomatoes Pictures Missouri Botanical Garden Septoria Leaf Blight (Leaf Spot) Septoria leaf spot is the most common of all the tomato diseases. The disease symptoms begin mid to late summer and start off as dark leaf spot the same as a pencil tip. The sp...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:00AM on 7/16/2014
Categories: Vegetables and Fruits

aphid lion

Finding the Good Guys

If you invite me to your garden for a tour, I probably won't be looking at your flowers, but rather start turning over leaves or inspecting holes, looking for the insects that may reside there. Several clues will prompt me to inspect a plant, like frass (insect poop), holes in the leaves, yellowing, speckling and poor growing tips. The investigation doesn't stop until several leaves and flowers...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:00AM on 7/15/2014
Categories: Bugs

cicada killer with annual cicada

Cicadas and the Wasps that kill them

Cicada eggs laid 17 years ago are now emerging in northwestern Illinois. University of Illinois Extension entomologist Phil Nixon said this is the Iowa brood that covers portions of western Illinois, northern edge of Missouri and most of the southern two-thirds of Iowa. The Illinois area covered is Henderson, Warren, Knox, Fulton and Schuyler counties, plus northern DeWitt and northwestern...

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Posted by Kelly Allsup at 9:00AM on 7/6/2014
Categories: Bugs