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Connecting to Our Food Web

Dedicated to educational resources towards building and sustaining viable food webs and ecosystems
Hyla versicolor-chrysoscelis Gray Tree Frog IMG 2462
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Welcome to My Jungle - October 2017

It's that time of year when all gardeners need to start thinking about tender perennials and what their fate is to be. Do you overwinter them or do you let Mother Nature shorten their life? How much time do you have? Well not much. In the St Louis Metro East, about 90% of the time, the first frost has occurred by October 27 th . The earliest we have had is September 20 th and...

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21Aug2017 Eclipse Clifftop IMG 8771
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Welcome to My Jungle - September 2017

A personal thank you to the staff and volunteers of Clifftop. I could not have asked for a more beautiful site to view the solar eclipse with my family and friends on Monday, August 21 st . A 360° sunset is a site I will never forget. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this such a special day for so many. As quoted on Clifftop's Facebook page "It was a long, hot...

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Downy Mildew Lower Leaf Surface Pumpkin IMG 8670r

New downy mildew outbreak could affect Illinois pumpkin and other cucurbit crops

On August 17, 2017, University of Illinois pumpkin expert Mohammad Babadoost detected downy mildew in a pumpkin field in St. Anne, Illinois (Kankakee County), and warns that it could spread quickly. Babadoost, a plant pathologist in the Department of Crop Sciences at U of I, observed heavy sporulation of the pathogen on leaves in the affected field. "With current weather conditions, the...

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Bald-faced Horbet Nest IMG 8551r
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Welcome to My Jungle - August 2017

Did you know grape berries reach physiological maturity well before they taste good? Grape berry maturity occurs when seeds are able to germinate, which is immediately after véraison, or initiation of fruit ripening (start of color change). Try tasting a grape berry at this stage. I can guarantee the experience will pucker you up. Grapes are actually harvested at what is termed their technologi...

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20170727 133610
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Conditions conducive in parts of Illinois to Phytophthora infection of cucurbits

According to State Extension Pathologist Mohammad Babadoost, all cucurbit plants (vine crops) in northern Illinois and possibly other areas experiencing wet field conditions should be sprayed for Phytophthora . Spray with Revus alternated with Orondis Opti or Ranman . Because pumpkins have such dense canopies, add in addition ProPhy...

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Jasper Ridge Chambourcin Cluster 11

Winemaking Fundamentals Symposium

August 1, 2017 10 AM – 5 PM Trutter Center, Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield IL Are you ready to take your wines to the next level? IGGVA Enologist Bradley Beam, along with Scott Laboratories resident expert Michael Jones, SIU Fermentation Science Institute professor Dr. Katherine Witrick, and Bauerhaus Marketing guru Rebecca Ritz will collectively guide you t...

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Downy Mildew Basil Lower Leaf Symptoms
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Downy Mildew of Basil Detected in Illinois

State pathologist Mohammad Babadoost reports downy mildew of basil was detected in Illinois on July 19th for the first time this season. This disease can spread quickly statewide in wet conditions so growers are advised to begin scouting now. Three registered fungicides; Quadris, Revus, and Ranman are very effective for control of downy mildew of basil and should be spray-applied at 7-day int...

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