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corn silage

Corn Silage Considerations

Corn silage is a popular choice for winter feeding throughout the Midwest. The feed is very palatable, a good source of energy, and is highly digestible. Along with these attributes, its popularity is also based on high yield and tonnage per acre. Harvesting and storing corn silage for feed is dependent on anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation process converts soluble carbohydrat...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 10:27AM on 8/22/2014
Categories: Nutrition

Adding Value to Your Calf Crop- Checklist

Record cattle prices, lowering feed costs, and good pasture conditions all are benefiting cattlemen in 2014. One of the most popular questions I have received lately is "what opportunities should I be taking advantage of to get the most out of this current market?" In short, anything you can do to add a pound for less than that pound is worth is beneficial. Obviously, producers still ne...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 1:30PM on 8/11/2014
Categories: Calf Management Economics Nutrition

Youth Cattle Shows Help Build Future Leaders

County fair season is in full swing. It is easy to get bogged down in the frantic preparation and certainly the competition. However, taking a deep breath and looking at the big picture can bring realization of the true purpose of youth livestock exposition. Youth livestock shows are projects that build young people. These projects are the foundation to helping guide young people in...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 10:51AM on 7/23/2014

creep feeding2

Weaning: Low Stress, Common Sense

Weaning is arguably the most stressful event in a calf's life. Combining stressors at weaning can inhibit immune response triggering health problems and shut off gains. Fortunately, cattle producers can understand stressing events and manage against the freeway pile-up that can occur at weaning. 4 Major Types of Stress Knowledge of the four major types...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 1:16PM on 7/21/2014
Categories: Animal Health Calf Management

Corn Silage: Foliar disease, the silent killer? - Dr. Phil Cardoso

Corn silage is popular as a forage source for dairy cows due to its high energy and digestibility. It should have a light, pleasant smell with only a slight vinegar odor. Knowledge of the silage process often explains why some silage may be of poor quality. Once ensiled, the material starts to ferment and will continue to do so until enough acid is produced to stop bacterial action. The desired...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 10:29AM on 7/10/2014
Categories: Economics Nutrition

May 1 2013 turnout

Resting Pastures Boosts Productivity

Arguably the most important principle in grazing management is allowing adequate rest periods. Resting pastures simply means removing the grazing pressure to allow the plant to regrow and replenish root reserves. This typically is done by moving cows to a new paddock within a pasture. Plants need rest. Plants that are overgrazed are continually asked to rob nutrients from the roots to g...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 2:10PM on 7/8/2014
Categories: Grazing

Dudley Smith

Plan to Use Cover Crops this Fall

Farms that have both cattle and crops are best equipped to take advantage of the benefits of cover crops. Cover crops are a buzzing topic. From an agronomic side the list of benefits continues to grow with more research. Better soil tilth, soil health, soil biology, water retention, nitrogen retention, and subsequent crop yields are all becoming evident in managed cover cropping systems. The be...

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Posted by Travis Meteer at 5:20PM on 7/2/2014
Categories: Alternative Feeds Grazing