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cows drinking water

Heading off Heat Stress

As the temperatures and humidity elevate, it is important to understand and manage to prevent heat stress in your cattle herd. Heat stress can lower performance and in severe cases cause death. Here are some recommendations to keep heat stress at a minimum. Management tips to reduce heat stress: Ensure that water is clean and plentiful . Cattle will dri...

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Fly Control

Fly control

Flies irritate cows. They cause cows to stomp and swat which takes energy away from gain and performance. This performance loss can be quite significant if some method of fly control is not deployed. Research has tagged over $800 Million dollars of lost revenue annually due to flies. These losses are mostly in reduced performance, lower ADG, Pinkeye, and lower milk production. There are...

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CRP hay

Be Careful Baling Pastures

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing Hay
While I think everyone should have some hay on hand for emergency feeding, baling pastures may not be the best option. Forecasted dry weather makes it easier in some minds to cut hay and bale it up… because it won't get rained on. However, that weather pattern is not favorable to pasture regrowth. Hot, dry weather does not favor good regrowth of cool season grasses, which make up the ma...

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hay loss

Storing Hay Properly

Posted by Travis Meteer - Hay
Hay is made to feed livestock in periods of forage dormancy. Many times hay is packaged in the form of a big round bale. This method of harvest is preferred by many farmers because of low labor needs and little need for facilities or infrastructure to feed the hay. One of the largest downfalls to hay in the round bale form is the weathering that occurs when the bales are stored outside. Th...

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Should I buy hay or grow my own?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Hay
While cost should be the primary factor, the correct answer depends on numerous factors. The list below helps illustrate these factors. Buy Hay Limited land resources to use for hay production Busy, limited time to devote to hay production Short on labor Must purchase hay equipment, update old equipment Set-up to handle by-product/a...

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hay bale

Cost of Baling Hay

Posted by Travis Meteer - Hay
Mowing, raking, and baling. I wish hay-making was that easy. For me, that sequence is too often interrupted by cussing the weatherman, tedding, and more raking. Making hay is a consuming summer-time task. As farmers prepare to sharpen the pencil, I think it is important to look at what hay costs to produce. Every ton of hay contains approximately 40 lbs. of N, 20 lbs. of P, and 50 lbs....

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May 1 2013 turnout

Washy pastures need supplemented with dry matter, fiber, and energy.

During the winter season most cattle are supplemented with dry forages, grains, and co-products. This ration is balanced and delivered to cattle. Then spring comes along and cattle are put out to grass. While green grass solves a lot of problems associated with winter feeding (manure, pen maintenance, calf health, and labor demands), it can pose nutritional challenges. Lush, spring forage has t...

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