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The Cattle Connection

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Do you have a steak or a stake in the cattle business?

Posted by Travis Meteer -
All cattle producers classify as having a steak in the cattle business. They own, raise, care for, or market live cattle. Cattlemen are passionate about ranch life, their breed of cattle, the shape their cows are in, the health of newly-arrived feeder calves, and they are committed to producing a healthy, high-performing animal that will result in a great steak! But, how many have a...

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What’s in store for cattle markets in 2015?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Marketing
After experiencing the market trend upward seemingly every week of 2014, cattle producers should be prepared for a little more normal market pattern in 2015. With signs of expansion, it is likely the cowherd has stabilized numbers and will make an effort to climb the cow herd inventory. The climb will not be fast. A heifer retained in 2014 will not produce her first calf until the sprin...

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Feeding cows

First-Calf Cows: High nutrient demand can slow breed-back

First-calf cows (3 year olds) are traditionally the most challenging animal to get bred on the farm. As we approach breeding season, cattlemen need to be aware of this challenge and make sure they do not drop the ball on getting first-calf cows re-bred. First-calf cows are dealing with a large demand for nutrition. Nutrients are needed to support maintenance (normal bodily processes), l...

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Focus on Getting Cows Bred Early in the Breeding Season

I was speaking at a meeting one evening and I was talking about how nutrition affects reproduction. I got to the portion of the talk discussing how post-partum interval affects cows getting bred in a 60 day season. I asked the members of the crowd to raise their hand if they maintained a 60-day calving season. Very few hands went up. One of the few was attached to a gentleman that spoke up and...

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IL Cattle Feeders Day

Illinois Cattle Feeders Meeting to be held in Macomb, IL on Mar. 5th

Illinois cattlemen and cattlewomen will have the opportunity to here from industry experts at the 2015 Illinois Cattle Feeders Meeting. The meeting will be held on March 5th at the 4-H Auditorium in Macomb, IL located across the road from the Extension office. The seminar will be start at 9:00am and conclude at 4:00pm. "This meeting is a must-attend for Illinois cattle producers. First-hand acc...

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Dealing with Prolapses

Post authored by Monica Jarboe, University of Illinois undergraduate student and summer research intern Around calving time, prolapses in cows and heifers can be major health issues. Some cases may even be life threatening. There are two different kinds of prolapses commonly associated with calving in beef cattle: vaginal and uterine. Once a prola...

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IPT Bull Sale is the Source for Total Performance Genetics

Posted by Travis Meteer - Genetics
Commercial cow-calf producers and seedstock breeders interested in purchasing a total performance tested bull will want to attend the 2015 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale. The sale will be the leadoff event of the Illinois Beef Expo. There are 69 bulls cataloged with 15 being longer-aged 2013 mature bulls and 54 yearlings. A breakdown of the breeds includes 32 Angus, 32 Simmental and SimA...

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