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Section: Welcome


Welcome to the Private Applicator Training website. Below are the courses that are currently available.
  • Understanding Pesticides (~25 minutes)
  • Pesticides and the Environment (~35 minutes)
  • Integrated Pest Management (~30 minutes)
  • Human Pesticide Protection (~50 minutes)
  • Labels and Labeling (~25 minutes)
  • Equipment and Calibration Part I(~50 minutes)
  • Equipment and Calibration Part II (~40 minutes)
  • Pesticide Laws and Regulations (~20 minutes)
  • Grain Fumigation (~100 minutes)

This course will help prepare you for the private applicator test. You still need to take the private applicator test in person. After completing this course, you can attend a test-only clinic or make an appointment with Illinois Department of Agriculture. The test is not available online.

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