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Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports
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Purchasing/Procurement, Storage and Inventory

Procedures of equipment for Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports February 2011

(Updated August 2013)



County Extension Offices:

Category A Shotguns and .22 rifles —CANNOT be purchased or received as gifts for the Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports program. No exceptions.

Category B Shotgun shells and .22 rifle ammunition — can be purchased by a certified instructor (certified shotgun instructors can purchase shotgun shells and certified rifle instructors can purchase .22 rifle ammunition). The certified instructor must have a valid/current FOID card and be in good standing with the Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports program. Purchase/use of this ammunition is to be used ONLY with planned/approved 4-H Shooting Sports events. The County Extension office can reimburse the certified instructor for the purchase of this ammunition.

A “Shotgun Shells and .22 Ammunition Purchase Policy Form” must be completed by the certified instructor, and the respective Unit Director must approve the transaction prior (at least 5 working days) to the purchase of the ammunition. (County Extension offices cannot purchase this ammunition directly as a Firearms Owners (FOID) card is required.) 4-H SPIN clubs utilizing their own accounts must also complete the Shotgun Shells and .22 Ammunition Purchase Policy Form.

Category C Pellets (.177 caliber), arrows, safety netting, archery supplies, targets, clay target machines, miscellaneous supplies and expendables can be purchased by the County Extension office utilizing: PCARD, IBUY, in/out accounts or as a TEM reimbursement to an employee or volunteer.

Category D Air Rifles and Bows — can be purchased by County Extension offices by utilizing a purchase order. When air rifles and bows are purchased, account code 162300 needs to be utilized for inventory purposes. Extension offices need to enter the air rifles and bows in the Extension Inventory System at the time of purchase.

  • County 4-H Foundations organized under their own FEIN and not affiliated with the UI or UI Foundations are considered separate organizations from the University that are not subject to University procurement policies. County 4-H Foundations organized under their own FEIN may purchase equipment independent of the University procurement processes. When air rifles or bows are purchased by the county 4-H Foundation or other entities not affiliated with the University, they will need to be gifted to the University. When these purchases are made, the county office is to contact Janice Ewing with a description and value of the item. Janice will then work with the appropriate campus contacts to have the item appropriately ‘gifted’ and added to the inventory in Banner. The county Extension office will need to enter the item/s in the Extension Inventory System as with any other purchased inventoried equipment.

    P-tags (Illinois Property Tag number) All air rifles and bows, regardless of how purchased or gifted, will need to attain a P-tag. Air rifles and/or bows that have a serial number stamped on them from the manufacturer can be matched up to the assigned P-tag and inventoried accordingly. Air rifles and bows that do not have a manufacturer’s serial number must have the P-tag number mechanically inscribed on them. Inscribing the P-tag on the equipment will allow the item to be identified for inventory purposes in lieu of affixing the physical P-tag, which will likely be lost during the use of the equipment.



Equipment will pertain to air rifles, bows, arrows, ammunition and other expendables. Equipment is to be stored according to the following guidelines at University of Illinois Extension Office sites: (4-H Fairgrounds and other facilities not owned by Extension cannot be considered for storage of equipment).

  • Storage of air rifles, ammunition (.177 pellets and BB’s) and archery equipment must be in a room on site that can be securely locked. If this is not an option, the equipment must be stored in a locked container or equipment storage safe on site.
  • Only authorized personnel and certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors may have access to these items.
  • Temporary storage of equipment may be granted to certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors at their residences, provided it is in conjunction with a scheduled training session sponsored by 4-H Shooting Sports, and the residential storage of said equipment lends itself to greater convenience to the instructor to conduct the training.
  • Storage of .22 caliber ammunition and shot shells will be granted to the certified 4-H Shooting Sports Instructors to be safely kept at their residence. Extension county offices are not to store this type of ammunition.



Equipment will pertain to air guns and bows.

  • An inventory log of equipment will be maintained and upgraded by either the Extension office County Director or 4-H person working most directly with the program.
  • A copy of the county’s equipment inventory will be made available to the Coordinator of the Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports program upon request.
  • Any missing equipment will be reported to the local police agency in that county, as well as the University Police Department. Upon notice of any missing air rifle/s the Coordinator of the 4-H Shooting Sports program is to be notified so as to take appropriate actions.

Developed by Dan Dawson, Coordinator Illinois 4-H Shooting Sports in accordance with Barbara O'Connor, Chief of Police, Division of Public Safety, University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana, 1110 W. Springfield Avenue, Urbana, IL. 61801. February, 2011.