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Catch the Carrot

Catch the Carrot ScreenshotTopic: Kids/Nutrition

This is an educational children's game where the player must answer questions about particular foods. Questions are aimed to teach children information about nutrition and healthy foods. Each question is read aloud for kids to follow.

FREE - Released December 2013

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Our Rose Garden

Our Rose Garden ScreenshotTopic: Horticulture

Our Rose Garden features information about various roses, how to plant and prune roses, how to protect roses in the winter, a gallery to keep track of favorite roses with notes, information on diseases and pests, and includes several University of Illinois Extension YouTube videos about rose care.

FREE - New Version September 2013, Released December 2012

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Recipes for Diabetes

Recipe for Diabetes ScreenshotTopic: Nutrition

View over 140 recipes that are easily used to prepare meals for people with diabetes. Each recipe contains an approximate nutritional analysis for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, sodium, and cholesterol. For those using the carbohydrate counting method of meal planning, carbohydrate units are provided.

FREE - Released August 2013

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MRTN/Nitrogen Application Calculator

MRTN Rate Calculator ScreenshotThe Maximum Return To Nitrogen (MRTN) calculations combine the agronomics of nitrogen rate research and the realities of economic fluctuations to provide a customized nitrogen rate.

FREE - Released January 2013

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Apple Newsstand

Diabetes Lifelines Newsstand

Diabetes Lifelines Newsstand ScreenshotTopic: Health

University of Illinois Extension bimonthly newsletter about managing diabetes with special features on medical and medication updates, recipes to try, and menu suggestions.

FREE Released October 2013

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Gardener's Corner Newsstand

Gardener's Corner ScreenshotTopic: Horticulture

Access our quarterly newsletter about home gardening including disease, variety selection, care and maintenance of vegetable and flowers gardens.

FREE SUBSCRIPTION - Released August 2013

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