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Recovery After Disaster: The Family Financial Toolkit & Videos


January 6, 2016

A natural disaster can strike anywhere at any time, in any form, leaving in its wake damage and destruction that affects the financial well-being of survivors. Disaster survivors may be in disbelief, yet anxious to start to put the pieces back together. Resources are available to help survivors take steps toward financial recovery. 

The Recovery After Disaster: The Family Financial Toolkit discusses strategies and provides tools that can help disaster survivors move along the road towards financial recovery. The tools are designed to help families make decisions that are best for their family. Key strategies include documenting important details as well as documenting loss and damaged property for use with insurance claims and to claim property loss on income taxes. In addition, the Toolkit helps survivors assess their financial situation and start to make plans for long-term recovery.  Tools are also available to assess short-term and long-term housing options and review the possible assistance and resources that may be available for homeowners and renters.

The Toolkit is designed so that those financially impacted by a disaster can utilize the individual units or use the entire toolkit as their situation requires.  Download the Toolkit at

In addition, a series six just-in-time videos related to the content of the Tooolkit help families move toward financial recovery following a disaster.  The videos can be viewed at:

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