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Save The Date For 4-Seasons Summer Horticulture Webinars


May 31, 2016

Save the date for these upcoming horticulture webinars Summer 2016: (More info to come!)

Quercus Quandaries: Common Oak pests in Illinois- July 26 and 28

Join Diane Plewa, Diagnostician at the University of Illinois Plant Clinic, as she discusses some of the most common problems seen on oaks across Illinois. Topics will include serious diseases such as oak wilt and bur oak blight, and less serious (but can look concerning) problems like tubakia leaf spot and galls. A few common insects that cause problems on oaks will also be discussed.


Keep it Growing, Keep it Going- August 9 and 11

Garden soils can be improved through the use of cover crops.  Extension Educator Duane Friend will discuss cover crops and benefits to improve soil health, types and planting of cover crops, and studies showing how cover crop residue can be managed during the growing season.


Illinois Native Pollinators- August 23 and 25

When it comes to pollination, honey bees get a majority of the attention.  However, many insects play a role in pollination.  Join University of Illinois Extension Educator Ken Johnson as he discusses native pollinators.  Ken will discuss different native pollinators and how to make your landscape attractive to them.

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