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Most of the following Cloverbud projects are leader-guided and do not provide individual member books. These projects can be completed with minimal reading and writing skills. Some projects do provide individual member manuals and are better suited for older Cloverbud members who can read and write.

Cloverbud Series 1 and 2

These introductory projects contain activities from eight areas: science/technology, expressive arts, healthy lifestyles, environment, personal development, citizenship, consumer/family science, and plants and animals. The program guides have enough activities to use over several years.

Cloverbud Series 1
Cloverbud Program: Curriculum Instructional Materials

Publication # 4H 710 GPM (Reprinted 2003)
Recommended for all new Cloverbud groups

Spanish version available for download at: http://www.ohio4h.org/youth/cloverbud/handbook/seriesone/esp/frontpage.htm

Cloverbud Series 2
Cloverbud Program: Series 2 Curriculum Instructional Materials

Publication # 4H 711 GPM (2000)
Recommended for all new Cloverbud groups

Helper's Guide for Cloverbud Series 1 - 2
Illinois 4-H Cloverbud Leader Guide

Publication # LE0140 (2005)

Aerospace 1 - Pre-Flight

Publication # BU-6842 (2003)
Suggested for Grades 1 - 3

Members can:

  • build an edible rocket
  • compare birds and airplanes
  • identify aerospace careers
  • design and make a spacecraft

Helper's Guides for Aerospace

Flight Crew: Aerospace Group Activity Guide
Publication # BU-6846 (1998)

Launching Youth Aerospace Programs: Community Organizer's Guide
Publication # BU-6847 (1999)

Bicycle 1 - Bicycling for Fun

Publication # BU-08334 (2006)
Suggested for Grades 3 - 5

Members can:

  • indetify bike parts
  • understand traffic signs
  • select safety equipment

Helper's Guide for Bicycle 1 -2

Bicycle Helper's Guide
Publication # BU-08336 (2005)

Embryology 1 - Hatching Classroom Projects Helper’s Guide

Publication # BU-07595 (2002)
Suggested for Grades 2 – 5

Members can:

  • identify parts of an egg
  • study embryology by incubating eggs
  • build candlers and examine fertile eggs
  • plan and build a brooder box
  • learn to handle chicks safely

Exploring 4-H Group Activities - Exploring the Treasures of 4-H: Fun, Friends, & Learning Youth Guide

Publication # BU-08171 (2005)
Suggested for Grades 2 - 4

Members can:

  • learn all about 4-H
  • discover personal interests
  • learn more about their friends and family
  • explore the community
  • enjoy a project hunt

Helper's Guide for Exploring 4-H Group Activities

Exploring the Treasures of 4-H Helper's Guide
Publication # BU-08172 (2005)

Exploring Farm Animals - Helper's Group Activity Guide

Publication # BU-06030
Suggested for Grades K - 3

Members can:

  • learn about different farm animals
  • learn what ofods farm animals eat
  • learn how to care for farm animals
  • learn safe behavior around animals

Health - It’s Your Choice - Exploring Your Body (Helper’s Guide)

Publication # BU-6857 (1999)

Members can:

  • do a "germ test" for clean hands
  • learn about being a good friend
  • assemble a first aid kit
  • learn about bicycle safety

Latino Cultural Arts - ¡Que Rico! La Cultura Bilingual (Helper’s Guide)

Publication # BU-08180 (2005)
Suggested for Grades K - 8

Youth will discover the Latino culture as they develop an understanding of the Latino people and their traditional art forms.

Members can:

  • learn to appreciate Latino art and expression
  • understand visual arts in relation to history and cultures
  • make a rain stick, pole puppet, clay pot, piñata, mural, and more
  • prepare a Latino recipe

Polite Is Right - Polite Is Right (Helper’s Guide)

Publication # LC0361 (1999)
Suggested for Grades K - 5

This curriculum is designed to teach social skills and encourage the use of considerate behavior. Family pages are included to distribute to the parents each week of the program. It is suggested for use in the beginning of the school (or 4-H) year when rules are being set and the tone of the classroom is being established.

Members can:

  • learn how rules help us
  • gain respect for others
  • learn social skills, meal-time manners, and good sportsmanship
  • review electronic etiquette

Step Up to Leadership 1 - Leadership Mentor Guide for Grades K - 5

Publication # BU-07903 (2003)

Members can:

  • identify good qualities in leaders
  • practice being a leader
  • learn to communicate without talking
  • plan, serve, and eat breakfast
  • make peace puppets

Vegetable Gardening A - See Them Sprout

Publication # BU-07162 (2004)
Suggested for Beginner Level (Grade 3)

Members can:

  • plan and plant a garden
  • grow plants from roots
  • make a rain gauge
  • learn when to harvest vegetables

Helper's Guide for Gardening A - D - Leaders/Helpers Guide for Vegetable Gardening

Publication # BU--7166 (2004)

Veterinary Science 1 - From Airedales to Zebras

Publication # BU-008048
Suggested for Grade 3

Members can:

  • learn about different animal species
  • explain roles animals have in society
  • learn about body stems and organs
  • understand animal behaviors

Helper's Guide for Veterinary Science 1 - 3

Publication # BU-08051

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