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Cloverbud Volunteer Resources

Illinois 4-H Cloverbud Leader Guide

Publication #LEO140 (2005)

This leader reference includes an overview of the developmental characteristics of youth, volunteer management, using Cloverbud curricula, program management, and resources. This resource should be shared as part of the 4-H Cloverbud Orientation session.

Helping You Help Youth Transition 4-H Cloverbuds to the 4-H Community Club Program

Publication #L90501l (2005)

  • Club & county transition suggestions
  • Introduction with older 4-H members and groups
  • Parent involvement

Available Publications

  • Cloverbud Participation Ribbon, Publication #W90111
  • Cloverbud Brochure, Publication #L91141 (2004)
  • Cloverbud Volunteer Brochure, Publication #LE0125B (2005)
  • Cloverbud Parent Brochure, Publication #LE0125A

4-H Cloverbud Curricula

4-H Cloverbud Program Management

4-H Cloverbud Volunteer Management

Cloverbud Newsletter

This newsletter was developed in response to requests from 4-H volunteers for more information and support in working with Cloverbud members. It is published quarterly and provides a unique blend of education, activities, and fun to build and challenge Cloverbud volunteers as they lead kindergarten through second grade youth. Illinois links to this site since we encourage Cloverbud groups to use the Ohio State University curriculum Series 1 and 2 with their groups.

Leadership Development Inventory

Cloverbud Role Descriptions

Additional Resources

4-H Cloverbuds Resources

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