4-H Projects


Woodworking 1
Measuring Up

Publication # BU-6875 (2003)
Suggested for Beginner Level

Members can:

  • learn basics of woodworking, including measuring and cutting a board
  • select and use hand tools
  • learn to use a hammer; drive and pull nails
  • learn to apply glue and select wood finishes

Woodworking 2
Making the Cut

Publication # BU-6876 (2003)
Suggested for Intermediate Level

Members can:

  • learn about wood species
  • learn how to select the proper type of wood
  • use a combination square, cut on an angle, and sand wood
  • build a bird house, letter holder, or foot stool

Woodworking 3
Nailing It Together

Publication # BU-6877 (2002)
Suggested for Intermediate to Advanced Level

Members can:

  • learn about various hinges, clamps, and joints
  • learn how to figure angles and stain wood
  • learn how to use a T-bevel

Woodworking 4
Finishing Up

Publication # BU-6878 (2002)
Suggested for Advanced Level

Members can:

  • use a table saw, router, circular saw, and scroll saw
  • expand their capabilities with joining techniques
  • experiment with adhesives and chemical wood strippers

Helper’s Guide for Woodworking 1 - 4
Woodworking Helper’s Guide

Publication # BU-6879 (2002)

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