4-H Projects


These projects help members develop leadership skills. Leadership skill areas include: understanding self, communicating, getting along
with others, learning, making decisions, managing, and working with groups.

Leadership 1
Skills You Never Outgrow

Publication # MC0630 (2009)
Suggested for Grades 3 - 6

Members can:

  • develop leadership skills in seven areas

Leadership 2
Skills You Never Outgrow 2

Publication­­­ # MC 0631(2010)
Suggested for Grades 7-9

Members can:

  • develop a positive self image
  • safely and effectively communicate using technology
  • explore different ways of learning
  • practice making good decisions
  • manage time, money, and resources

Leadership 3
Skills You Never Outgrow 3

Publication # MC0632 (2011)
Suggested for Grades 10-12
Members can:

  • Explore leadership styles and when to use them
  • Use decision making skills to make choices as an individual or group
  • Work with local media to showcase group activities
  • Investigate community resources and develop a network

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