4-H Special Interest Clubs

What Are Special Interest (SPIN) Clubs?

SPIN clubs allow kids ages 8 to 18 with common interests or hobbies to meet as a club and share their special interest. Whether their passion is sailing, robotics, community theater, or just about any other topic, kids can gain knowledge and enhance their skills through a positive group experience. A SPIN club can be started with as few as one adult volunteer leader and five young people with an interest in a particular topic. While an adult leader provides expertise and guidance, club members take an active role in planning and running their own activities.

Traditionally, 4-H programs have been community-based. SPIN clubs reach out beyond local communities to bring kids and families with common interests together. They are a great way to introduce young people to a specific hobby or interest they might not otherwise have a chance to develop.

What Makes 4-H SPIN Clubs Appealing to New Youth and Volunteers?

The SPIN club recognizes that both youth and adults often have a limited amount of "free time" for outside interests. SPIN clubs have the ability to provide youth development through non-traditional time frames. This is also an excellent opportunity for adult volunteers, since volunteers can serve for a shorter period of time. For example, a computer club might meet once a week for six weeks, or twice a week for three weeks. This gives youth and leaders more flexibility.

The SPIN club is a good way to attract new members and volunteers who may never have considered being part of the 4-H program.

Why Get Involved in a SPIN Club?

  • Leadership growth/opportunities
  • Scholarship available
  • New Opportunities—could lead to: local,regional, state, national
  • Screened Adults
  • Safe environment
  • Insurance Coverage During Club Time

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