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Get Up and Move

Get Up & Move! is a series of innovative resource materials that 4-H clubs or groups can use to incorporate physical activity and learn about healthy lifestyles in a fun, interactive way. Youth learn about nutrition and suggestions to increase physical activity. Each of the three series includes materials intended for monthly meetings:

  • A leader activity guide
  • Educational activity
  • Recipe for a healthy snack
  • Parent newsletter
  • Family activity
  • Community activity
  • Additional support materials

A physical activity calendar master is also available for each series and includes a chart to track the number of minutes of physical activity completed by youth on a monthly basis.

Print versions of Get Up & Move! Series 1,2 and 3 may be orderd through a local University of Illinois Extension Office. There are some materials posted on the web that are not included in the print versions. Pictures in the print version are in black and white only.

Select a Get Up and Move series to download resources:

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