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Upcoming Events

Childcare University

March 2, 2013

Sauk Valley Community College
173 IL Rte 2
Dixon, IL 61021 (Lee County)

Child Care University is a series of workshops just for you! Join us for a day of learning, fun and great door prizes. You will receive tons of information you can put to work in your child care setting.

Registration is in the WEST Mall... 7:30-8:30 am

Morning Keynote: Location–Gymnasium–8:30-10:15

John Roope–The Essential Role of Co-Regulation: Understanding Young Children's Behavior by Understanding Our Own.

Parents, care providers, teachers, and others involved in the support of very young children too often seem to struggle with how we help children "behave". How do we teach children the coping skills that foster resiliency, that provide the social emotional tools needed to function successfully as they grow? Many strategies for intervening have been introduced – behavior modification, time out, and sometimes referrals for diagnostic labels. Especially for the most complex children, these strategies often fail to yield the desired results. Adults in families, schools, and communities are often left feeling nothing works. Early experiences in failure for young children can, then, become a lifelong pattern. Fortunately, from brain research and work on attachment, we have come to understand the important role of helping children learn to regulate at developmentally appropriate levels and to understand the role that significant adults in their world have in engaging in co-regulation . This workshop will focus on understanding attachment and connection in relationships, and will introduce practical strategies to engage with the youngest of children as co-regulators. The focus will center on how this impacts children's behaviors and functioning in all settings. 1.45 Hours CDA 3

Morning Breakout Session–10:20-11:35

1. Ag in the Classroom--Katie Pratt

Where does chocolate milk come from? Are seeds really supposed to be in a watermelon? Is there ham in a hamburger? Honest questions come from innocent minds. Our children are starved to know more about the place their food is grown. Ag in the Classroom brings lessons about farming, ranching, food production and preparation into the classroom enforcing basic educational concepts like language arts, science, math and social studies while answering a child's most asked questions.

Ag in the Classroom lessons are aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and Common Core. Lessons are available for pre-K thru high school and incorporate books, crafts, science experiments, and experiential learning through the senses. Learn some of our favorite lessons and how AITC can make your classroom "POP"! 1.25 Hours CDA 1

2. Observation: Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together–Maggie Mosca

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to get an outsider's perspective of your classroom/program or try to figure out what a child is trying to communicate with a challenging behavior? Then this is the training for you. This training will explore the importance of observing, recording and information sharing with parents, families and colleagues. It will assist providers in planning activities that allow opportunities to be an "outside observer". Participants will also be able to practice using different strategies and tools in order to discover the behavior and its' meaning through observation. 1.25 Hours CDA 7

3. Online Training Option–Do you need to complete the Mandated Reporter or Shaken Baby Syndrome Training but don't have access to a's your chance. Join us in the computer lab and log in to complete these trainings. Staff will be on hand to assist you if needed. 1-2 Hours CDA 1

4. WHAT! A Book has Another Job than Reading!?! Michelle Carrino– Books play a key role in the children's environment. Participants will explore the endless possibilities that one book has for enhanced learning opportunities. This training will display the various methods a books can be used for such as polling, graphing, and story stretching. 1.25 Hours CDA 2

5. Personal Care Routines and the Environmental Rating Scales (ERS)- Barb Christmas– Discover the latest in health and safety practices. This training will highlight best practices in the areas of health and safety and the relationship to the Environment Rating Scale. Discussion will revolve around best practices, how these practices are assessed in the environmental rating scales and ideas on implementation. 1.25 Hours CDA 1

Lunch is from 11:35-12:35 in the West Mall

Afternoon Keynote–12:35-1:50 Sandi Sylver, Storyteller, Ventriloquist, Songstress--gymnasium

Make no mistake about it: Sandi Sylver does not present "puppet shows". She is a gifted Ventriloquist who loves encouraging adults as well as children to read, write, and reinvent themselves along the way!

An Illinois Arts Council Touring Roster Artist, Sandi Sylver is committed to entertaining and educating, and she performs nationally at schools, libraries, museums, festivals, private parties, and everywhere else that people can appreciate a truly unique talent.

Having taught herself the art of Ventriloquism from a library book (she practiced, practiced and practiced some more!), Sandi and "The Girls", her soft-faced puppet family, present clever, interactive programs that, while "very pro-reading and character counts," are, in her own words, "definitely wack-o! Except for the ventriloquism, I never practice in front of a mirror; I don't want to know what I look like in performance, because I don't want to be concerned with anything but the content of the material. I don't want to worry about looking ridiculous!"

Sandi is sure to entertain and educate during this presentation and she has some new friends to bring along too! 1.25 Hours CDA 2

Afternoon Breakout Sessions–2:00-3:15

1. Just In Time Parenting: Janice McCoy

Parenting is a very difficult job in today's world. Just In Time Parenting is a free resource you can share with parents. The age-paced newsletters arrive electronically each month for the first year of baby's life and then every two months until age five. Each issue is packed with just-in-time developmental information that helps parents know if their child is progressing normally, cope with the stress of parenting, and gather helpful information about their child. Each participant will receive the first 12 issues of the newsletter and guides with activities and discussion questions to accompany the newsletters. Participants will have the opportunity to practice using the guides during the workshop. 1.25 Hours CDA 4

2. Online Training Option–Do you need to complete the Mandated Reporter or Shaken Baby Syndrome Training but don't have access to a's your chance. Join us in the computer lab and log in to complete these trainings. Staff will be on hand to assist you if needed. 1-2 Hours CDA 1

3. An Emergent Writer- Michelle Carrino– Writing is a much needed skill. There are many stages a child goes through to be a writer. This training will introduce emergent writing skills and indicators. Participants will also learn various activities to help support an emergent writer. 1.25 Hours CDA 2

4. Listening and Talking, Interactions and Program Structure Using the Environmental Rating Scale- Barb Christmas– Explore the Interaction sections of the Environment Rating Scales. This training will provide an overview of best practices when speaking to children and how it pertains to the Environment Rating Scale. 1.25 hours CDA 3

5. Child Sexual Abuse-Melissa McNinch, Education Specialist, YWCA of the Sauk Valley - This workshop help participants identify child sexual abuse. We will discuss indicators of abuse, identify what is appropriate sexual behavior age based, and what is might indicate cause for concern. We will also discuss reasons why victims may not disclose or why they sometimes recant. Will also touch on characteristics of abusers, along with how to handle a disclosure. Will include the process of mandated reporting and interviewing process with the children's advocacy centers. Will provide information on services provided by the YWCA of the Sauk Valley. 1.25 Hours CDA 1

6. How Sweet Are You–Terry Durham, RN, CGH Medical Center

Diabetes is on the rise! By 2050, one in three adult Americans will have the disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What can we do? Stopping diabetes from ever occurring can be as simple as making a few tweaks in diet and exercise routines. When can YOU start tweaking? 1.25 Hours CDA 1

7. Life's Simple 7 Program– Stephanie Stichter, RN, Whiteside County Community Health Center Seven measures with one unique thing in common: any person can make these changes in their life to improve their health. The steps are not expensive and even modest improvements to your health will make a big difference. Start with one or two and build up to incorporating all 7 elements to achieve a goal we all hope for–to live longer–to be stronger–and to live a productive healthy life. 1.25 Hours CDA 1

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