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Master Naturalist Application - Cook County 2018

Please complete this application to be considered for the Illinois Master Naturalist in Cook County.

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The Illinois Master Naturalist Program is a training and volunteer program. After successfully completing the training and 60 hours of volunteer service, you will be certified as an Illinois Master Naturalist. Members of this special class will be asked to serve 60 hours at Forest Preserves of Cook County (FPCC) location(s) or in conjunction with a FPCC program. More details will be available at your interview. Please tell us what projects you might be interested in working on.

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*Briefly tell why you want to become an Illinois Master Naturalist.

*In an average month, how many hours do you think you might be able to devote to volunteer Illinois Master Naturalist activities?

What is your background as it relates to the natural world?


Formal or informal teaching or coaching experience

What is or was your profession? List any degrees you earned.

Not-for-profit organizations in which you are presently involved that you think you might be sharing your Illinois Master Naturalist knowledge and skills with in the future. (List club, society, church, school, etc. and state your role such as member, officer, committee, etc.)

What language(s) do you speak fluently?

Special skills or interests

You may use this space to comment on your environmental background or share other information with us.

How did you hear about the IL Master Naturalist program?

*I understand at this time, I am committing to 60 hours of approved volunteer service at Forest Preserve District of Cook County location(s) or with FPDCC programs.

*I understand if I choose to maintain certification in future years, I would be expected to volunteer at least 30 hours each year, and participate in 10 hours of continuing education.

**When can you participate in an informal interview before being accepted into the class? It will take about 40 minutes. Our office support staff Erica Turner, will contact you via email after May 25 to set up an interview. Please note we do not accommodate evening or weekend availability for interviews.

Comments, questions, requested times for interview, or special ADA accomodations required
PLEASE PRINT a copy for your records before hitting submit. It may save you from starting completely over if the form is open long enough to time out.

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