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Suggest a Master Gardener Project

You may use this form to suggest a possible Master Gardener Project:

The mission of the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener program is "Helping Others Learn to Grow." Master Gardeners involve people in improving the quality of life by helping them find sound management practices for home and urban natural resources, by creating aesthetically pleasing environments, by promoting well-being through people-plant interactions and horticultural therapy, and by contributing to a safe, abundant food supply through home fruit and vegetable production.

The objectives of the Master Gardener program are to: * Expand the capacity of the University of Illinois Extension Service to distribute horticultural information to individuals and groups in local communities * Develop and enhance community programs related to horticulture. These programs are educational in nature and may involve environmental improvements, horticultural therapy projects, community and school gardening projects, or other programs determined by local need. * Develop the leadership potential of Master Gardener volunteers through a volunteer administrative network designed to assist Extension staff in managing local Master Gardener activities and programs.

Projects are accepted based upon educational mission, objectives and availability of volunteers.

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* Project Leader from your organization(name, phone number,email):

*How is this educational? Does this help others learn to grow? For example: Teach (audience) about vegetable gardening, Community beautification including signs naming plants, Master Gardener will work with youth to maintain gardens and share knowledge. DESCRIPTION:

*Complete address of project site (Name of building, park or organization; street address or intersection; city; zip code) HINT: you may be able to copy and paste it from their website.

*Who will your audience be?

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*Who will be partnering with the Master Gardeners: i.e. Community groups

*What will your groups responsibilities be?

*Please provide overall project description. Details appreciated. Frequency of Master Gardener help. Dates and times of project. Type of Master Gardener help (classroom instruction, demonstration...)
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