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IISG partners with University of Illinois LINC students to spread the word about proper disposal of unwanted medicine

IISG partnered with the University of Illinois Learning in Community (LINC) course this semester on the topic of pharmaceutical waste stewardship. LINC is an interdisciplinary, inquiry-guided service-learning course in which teams of students work on projects proposed by community partners. Students in the course have been learning about the effects of improper disposal of expired and unwanted medicine and sharing what they've learned with various campus and community groups. One of the students, Cori Sloan, describes an outreach project they have been working on in the community:

This week our class had the opportunity to present to a high school club at Urbana High School. This club is the Science Olympiad team, the students are all grade levels but share a common interest in science. My classmate, Jenny, and I had the opportunity to make a presentation on proper medicine disposal. We spent time preparing the PowerPoint and practicing so that we were able to give them the most informed presentation possible. Our presentation included an explanation of the problem, description of the impacts, and suggestions to help with the problem. The students participated in discussion, and we were so impressed by how much they had to say and contribute! After the presentation, our Project Manager helped us do a demonstration showing how water with pharmaceuticals passes through different materials. We did this for stones, sand, and activated carbon. The students really enjoyed this because everyone was able to see how much of the pharmaceutical passes through filtration systems. All in all, the high school presentation was a success and hopefully our LINC class will be able to do more!

The LINC students have also reached out to the McKinley Health Center on campus to raise awareness about this issue. And they created a new facebook page. Check it out!

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