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A blog devoted to helping people find local medicine take-back programs and highlighting current research findings and pending legislation.

Articles in the News, Related Research, Resources, and Random Bits of Info - Oh My!

Daily, I (Erin) am scouring the web, social media, listservs, research publications, trying to discover (and keep up with!) what's happening in the world of pollution prevention as it relates to our program at Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. While our primary and most noticeable focus is on safe medicine disposal, we are also taking part in research related to microplastics and microfibers, and keep tabs on these issues and more in an effort to provide you and the community the most relevant, accurate, science-based information.

Most of this is done by our outreach and education team, but over the last six months, we have also been building up our web presence on social media, primarily Twitter. Imagine a place where scientists, journalists, community outreach specialists, and individuals who are just interested in these topics come together in one large, ongoing conversation. It truly is an amazing place.

But it can also be difficult, and time consuming, to put the pieces of these conversations together.  That's where we come in!

While our blog may seem quiet, we ARE a part of these important conversations, and learning about new people and organizations doing amazing work daily.

So head on over and be a part of the conversation!

Here is an example of the kinds of information we share on Twitter on the topics we are tasked with overseeing. Ocassionally we share a bit beyond our topic areas, as pollution prevention concerns are as diverse as the world around us, and in any numbers of ways, connect back to one other.



Episode 3 of our Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Pollution Prevention Minute Video Series: FAQs

What is an unwanted med? Can I donate my meds? We answer these questions and a few more in our current video!



Great Lakes teeming with tiny plastic fibers, scientists say (via Chicago Tribune)

Microfiber Pollution Threatening Great Lakes Ecosystem (via chicagoist)

How Plastics From Your Clothes Can End Up in Your Fish (via Time)



Plastic Debris on Georgia’s Beachse and Marshes: Recently Published Article on the Amounts and Acuumulation Rates (via NOAA Marine Debris Program) -


(Related Research: The amount and accumulation rate of plastic debris on marshes and beaches on the Georgia coast

Drowning in Plastic (via The Guardian) -

(Related Research: Lost at Sea: Where is All the Plastic?

Plastic pollution threatens one of the ocean’s key inhabitants (via Plymouth Marine Laboratory)

(Releated Research: The Impact of Polystyrene Microplastics on Feeding, Function and Fecundity in the Marine Copepod Calanus helgolandicus

Are prescription drugs harming Great Lakes fish? (via WKAR, Public Media from Michigan State University) -

(Related Information: We featured Dr. Klaper in our UpClose series last year -

Drug Disposal Ordinance: Supreme Court Writ Filed (via Life Sciences Legal Update)

House Committee passes measure banning soap, scrub microbeads that pollute Great Lakes (Indiana) (via StarTribune) -

Moves afoot to ban microbeads from personal care products (Wisconsin) (via Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel) -

Growing Scrutiny for an Allergy Trigger Used in Personal Care Products (via New York Times) -

Rocks Made of Plastic Found on Hawaiian Beach (via Science Magazine) -



Drone video tours frozen shore of Lake Michigan (via United Press International) -

Message in a turtle, er bottle? (Tweet of interest) -


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Posted by Erin Knowles at 9:25AM on 1/30/2015
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