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Welcome to the 4-H Volunteer Courses website. Below are the online courses that are currently available. If you do not have an account with University of Illinois Extension yet, you can register here and sign up for the courses you would like to take.

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4-H Overnight Chaperone Orientation reviews health and safety issues, youth behavior, risk management and more. It clearly outlines a chaperone's role expectations and provides for the health and safety of 4-H youth and adults.
This training discusses child abuse awareness, definitions of child abuse and neglect, how to report suspected sexual abuse and various strategies to help reduce volunteers risk of being accused of abuse. It also shares safety issues and expectations of working with 4-H members.
This session helps volunteers and members understand the basic rules of parliamentary procedure and the basic order of business of a club meeting. It also helps outline the role of officers in a 4-H club.
This 4-H volunteer course provides 4-H leaders with basic information about committees, advantages to utilizing committees within the 4-H club, types of committees, how to select and orient committees, committee reporting procedures and club action steps. Finally the course shares two videos that highlight examples of standing and special committees used by 4-H clubs.
This volunteer course, 4-H Club Program Planning, takes volunteers through the process of selecting a planning committee, surveying members and families, planning the program, approving the plan, recruiting volunteers and evaluating the endeavor.
Session helps new volunteers understand the roles and responsibilities of the 4-H Organizational Leader, Project Leader, or Activity Leader. It also helps leaders understand how they fit into the larger picture or 4-H and University of Illinois Extension.
Public Presentations will provide resources (fact sheets, evaluation tools, etc) and activities for teaching youth how to effectively plan, practice, and present public speeches and demonstrations.