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Helping Leaders Be 4-H Savvy - University of Illinois Extension

Helping Leaders Be 4-H Savvy - University of Illinois Extension

Becoming a 4-H Youth Development Volunteer
University of Illinois Extension takes great pride in the quality of its adult leadership. Being a registered volunteer in the 4-H youth development program is a privilege, not a right.

Positive Youth Development Through 4-H Community Clubs
In recent years, there has been considerable research conducted to identify the characteristics of effective programs for positive youth development.

Suggested 4-H Club Constitution and Bylaws
View a sample constitution and bylaws for a 4-H Club.

The 4-H Club Business Meeting
An annual ritual of the beginning of the 4-H year is the election of the club officers and the planning of the club program for the year. While it is important for those elected to learn about their roles and duties, it is also necessary for all members to assume their responsibilities to the club.

Junior Leader Responsibilities
Junior leadership gives members a chance to help others and to grow and develop their own leadership skills. There is no "magic" age for a junior leader, but they should have the "respect" of the other members, have demonstrated some success in project work, or expressed an interest in helping the club and other members.

Project Selection by 4-H Members
The Illinois Clover  is now available.

Setting Project Goals
Now that 4-H members have selected their projects and will soon be receiving their project manuals, it is time to begin to set project goals. Members should receive one program planning goal sheet for each project that they enroll in. These may be obtained from the local Extension Office.

Project Completion and Evaluation
Project completion and evaluation are two areas in 4-H project work that seem to get neglected. Parents and project leaders often get off to a good start helping members select projects, set goals, and begin to do some project work.

Preparing for 4-H Fair/Show Exhibits
4-H Fairs or shows are often the highlight of the 4-H year. From a youth development perspective, fairs allow 4-H members to display projects and to participate in educational experiences critiqued by an adult expert.

Public Presentations
One of the greatest fears identified by many people is that of speaking in front of others! 4-H members can develop their communications skills through public presentations.