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About SPIN Volunteers

Do you have a passion, skill, or talent that you would like to share with young people? You can make a difference in the lives of young people by teaching them skills that they can use the rest of their lives. 4-H SPIN clubs are Special Interest 4-H clubs that match your skills and talents with a small group of young people who want to learn from you.

4-H SPIN clubs meet on a schedule that is convenient for you and when young people are available. SPIN volunteers plan for a minimum of six sessions. Schedules are adaptable, but clubs usually meet once a week for six weeks, twice a week for three weeks, or longer Saturday meetings.

In 4-H, we believe in learning by doing. SPIN volunteers provide hands-on learning for young people. They learn to build, create, explore, make, discover, test, plan, cut, estimate, experiment, experience, measure, draw - the list goes on and on.

If you would like to share your passion, skills, or talents with young people in your community, it starts with a call to your local University of Illinois Extension office. Click here for contact information for your local office.

Starting a SPIN Club Checklist for a step-by-step guide to becoming a 4-H SPIN volunteer

How to Volunteer

Give Us a Call

Start with a phone call to your local University of Illinois Extension office. Schedule a time to meet with the Youth Development Educator or 4-H Program Coordinator. During that first meeting share the ideas you have for a new SPIN club - what you would like to teach young people about your area of expertise.

Screening Process

All new 4-H volunteers have to go through a screening process. Our #1 priority in 4-H is the safety of young people. We do all we can to protect young people and keep them safe while they are in our care. An important part of providing a safe environment is to conduct background and reference checks on our volunteers and staff. Everyone is screened that will be spending an extended time with our 4-H youth. When you become a 4-H volunteer, you'll be part of the plan to keep our young people safe.

For the screening process you will:

  1. Complete a 4-H Volunteer Application (90109)
  2. Complete a 4-H Adult Individual Enrollment Form
  3. Give permission to conduct a background check
  4. Give permission to conduct a conviction information name check
  5. Provide contact information for references
  6. Complete the University of Illinois Child Protection Training An Extension Pledge: Keeping Youth Safe.


After the screening process is finished and you are approved as a volunteer, you will be ready to start planning for your first meeting. 4-H provides training and support to help you be successful. Some of the training resources are available on this site so you can access them at your convenience. You will also meet with the Youth Development Educator for some of the training.