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Getting Started

Get started today! Use video or online map technology to teach others something you learned in your enrolled 4-H project.

Some ideas...

  • Demonstrate a skill you learned - such as caring for a small pet, following a cookie recipe, or programming a robot.
  • Conduct an interview with someone in your community who is an expert in your project area to help teach information or a new skill to others.
  • Create a news report on an event in your community that relates to your project area, such as, a youth leadership conference (leadership), marathon (health and fitness), or conservation day (natural resources).
  • Research information related to your project area and make a map using “Google MyMaps” or other online mapping tool. If you are in visual arts, you might want to map your favorite art museums around the world. Depending on your project area, you might also map natural wonders, dairy farms, food pantries, homeless shelter, and much, much more!

Need help getting started with the technology? Check out these websites for links to online tutorials, 4-H curriculum, free/openware software, kid-created video and map examples and volunteer testimonies.

Illinois 4-H Filmmakers
Illinois 4-H Mapmakers