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Learning to Teach

experiential learning model The Teen Teacher program is based on an experiential learning model (Kolb, 1984).

  1. EXPERIENCE – Plan and teach activities for younger youth in your subject area (e.g. nutrition, robotics, gardening)
  2. SHARE –Share ideas with other Teen Teachers and Adult Mentors
  3. PROCESS – Opportunities to reflect on what worked and what could be changed to improve the learning experience
  4. GENERALIZE – Make changes to the activities as needed to support learning, keep younger youth engaged, and manage needs of different learners
  5. APPLY – Cycles of teaching, reflection and revision of plans over a period of at least 6 program sessions


Experiential Learning Modules (Interactive 30 min lessons)


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Teaching Tip

I like to start with a short team building activity. One of my favorite is "Team T-Shirt". The objective of the game is to get everyone on the team standing on the T-shirt for at least ten seconds (or long enough to sing a chorus of Row-Row-Row Your Boat). All feet should be off the floor!

Teaching Tip

In robotics, I give my kids mini challenges to work on together in teams. Like one day they all worked on getting their robot to travel in a square.

Share Your Ideas!

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