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Featured Teen Teacher
Marissa Edwards is a Teen Teacher from Peoria. She is currently a senior at Peoria High School and an intern at Common Place Marissa’s area of teaching is gardening. She taught youth at Common Place about gardening through activities about insects, butterflies, and plants. The kids loved her activities; some of their favorites were symmetrical butterfly prints and snacks, hamburger plants, and plant buddies. Marissa said one of her favorite things was watching the kids learn and learning more herself!

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4-H Teen Teachers talk about their experience

Being a 4-H Teen Teacher was very fun.  Working with different people from all types of places and different ages.  4-H helped me to be more organized and patient.
There was a time I was teaching and I was very nervous, shy and scared, but I have changed so much because now I love teaching and public speaking.
4-H has really changed my life, it has helped me decide what I want to be when I’m older, and most of all prepared me with life skills such as leadership, public speaking and how to make a difference in my community.
Being a 4-H Teen Teacher has been fun. I enjoyed working with the kids and getting to share my knowledge of science and being able to incorporate others ideas and experiments into my teaching.
Being a 4-H Teen Teacher showed me that there was more to life than just being about yourself.  It’s about being there for someone else when nobody else will.
Being a 4-H Teen Teacher taught me how to step up and lead in a big way.  My favorite part was getting to work with kids in my community and forming relationships with them.
These skills I can use for the rest of my life and the help I can give others is amazing.