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breakfast parfait for web

Enjoy Strawberries with a Breakfast Parfait

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Eat Save

Seeing pints of strawberries is a welcome sight at farmers' markets! When they are in season, strawberries tend to be easier to find, taste sweeter, and cost less than what we pay during the winter. Eating strawberries fresh as a snack is a great way to enjoy this sweet fruit. They also work great in easy recipes, like our Breakfast Parfait. Strawberries Nutrition: Stra...

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What s In Season for May in Illinois

What's In Season for May?

Posted by Beth Peralta Healthy Eating Eat

We love the month of May! Not only are the temperatures getting warmer, but you're in for a treat at the local markets! Many local farmers' markets in Illinois are opening up this month if they take a winter break. There will be more and more variety for you to choose from as the month goes on. What's in Season for May? Asparagus Cabbage Cherries...

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5 Ingredients or Less: Black-Eyed Peas Salad

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Healthy Eating Eat

May's five ingredients or less recipe is a super versatile side dish that you will love! Enjoy it with your favorite sandwich, serve it at a BBQ, and bring it from home as part of your lunch. We love how the different flavors mix together for a savory dish that is perfect for Spring.Black-Eyed Peas SaladServings per recipe: 8Ingredients:...

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Cucumber Dill Yogurt Dip RS

Celebrate National Garden Month in April!

Posted by Beth Peralta Healthy Eating Eat

Did you know? April is National Garden Month!  Here are our top four ways to celebrate:1. Get started on your own garden! Whether you are new to growing your own foods or have several years under your belt, a great place to start is by visiting Extension's A Taste of G...

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Animal Crackers on a Log rs

Five Ingredients or Less: Animal Crackers on a Log

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Eat Kids Love It!

I recall getting small boxes of animal crackers as a treat as a child. I would be so excited to find some of my favorite animals inside - lions, giraffes, and horses! It sure helped that they were delicious, too.We all have fun memories of food as a child. This recipe, Animal Crackers on a Log, takes two popular kid-friendly snacks (animal crackers and ants on a log) and puts them toge...

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zucchini 1

Zucchini: A Great Addition to Your March Table!

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Healthy Eating

Though zucchini is officially classified as a summer squash, it is easy to find at the store all year long. Zucchini is a versatile vegetable and tastes great sautéed, baked into a casserole, added to soups, dipped raw into dip or added to top of a salad. And the extra bonus: zucchini's flowers (aka squash blossoms) are also edible! Our recipe below is a fun way to feature this vegetable and is...

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Salmon Melt RS

5 Ingredients or Less: Salmon Melts

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Food Budgeting Healthy Eating

Our Salmon Melt recipe is perfect for those busy nights where you only have a few minutes to get dinner on the table. And with only five ingredients (not including pepper), you can be sure that it's affordable, too.Salmon MeltsServings: 4Ingredients:- 1 can (6 ounces) pink salmon, drained- 1/4 cup celery, chopped- 1/...

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Nutrition Education Works: Helping at Home

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Healthy Eating Success Stories

One of our staff members shares this great story. Getting families together in the kitchen to prepare healthy meals can truly make a difference in eating habits and health! "A child in my class at the local elementary school told me she asked her Mom to buy the ingredients to make a...

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garlic cauliflower for web

All About Cauliflower

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Food Budgeting Healthy Eating

Through my young daughter's eyes, cauliflower is simply "white broccoli" when it shows up at the dinner table. While both of these vegetables are in the same family of plants, cauliflower can truly shine on its own. Plus, cauliflower can be found in purple and orange, too! Cauliflower is also having a trendy moment, and is used in many recipes in place of potatoes or other starchier items (thin...

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February - Stuffed Potatoes-001 rs

5 Ingredients or Less: Stuffed Potatoes!

Posted by Beth Peralta Cooking Food Budgeting Healthy Eating

So many of our favorite recipes here at Illinois Nutrition Education Programs are few in ingredients and big on flavor! Our Stuffed Potatoes recipe definitely falls into this category. It has been a favorite around the office! While the recipe calls for diced ham, you can choose another cooked meat (ground beef, chopped turkey, etc.) or your favorite vegetable instead -- depending on what's availa...

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