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Green Bean Potato Salad

Nutrition Facts
Servings per Recipe:
6 servings
 Amount Per Serving
Calories 190
Fat 2g
Sodium 160mg
Total Carbohydrate 40g
Fiber 6g
Protein 7g
1 lb. green beans, canned or fresh, cooked
3 lg. potatoes, cooked, diced
1 sm. onion, sliced
¼ cup low fat Italian salad dressing
¼ cup bacon bits (optional)
  1. Place beans, potatoes and onion in a medium bowl.
  2. Pour salad dressing over vegetables and gently mix.
  3. Add bacon bits and gently mix.
  4. Cover salad and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.
  5. Suggestions: Add coooked ham to make the salad a main dish (*will increase calories, fat, sodium contents)

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