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Unit 14 Ag Literacy

Unit 14 Ag Literacy

Agriculture Facts & Brochures

The following websites have general ag facts to help you find information. Scroll down to find pamphlets on agriculture and Ag Literacy already developed for you.

National Agricultural Statistics Service

  • NASS website is searchable for county information on any commodity using Quick Stats 2.0. The database has over 24 million records. Scroll down to Quick Stats 2.0 and start inputing for information.

USDA Economic Research Service

  • ERS will provide you with agriculture information for each state. There are also links to county-level data. Click on the state to get the state fact sheet.

Adams County Ag Literacy Brochure

The brochure introduces Ag Literacy and the purpose for the program. It has information about agriculture in Illinois and Adams County. Included is a form for sponsorship of an Adams County Classroom.

Illinois Agriculture Facts

This is a one page front to back handout with tables of information about agriculture in terms of economics, livestock, crop, farmland and farmer.