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Unit 14 Ag Literacy

Unit 14 Ag Literacy

Educator Resources

New Lesson or Activity Ideas

Energy Bike

An Energy Bike is housed at University of Illinois Extension in Quincy. The bike is available to schools and groups for demonstration. Please call (223-8380) or email Sharon ( to schedule the Energy Bike.

Recycling Kit

A Recycling Kit is housed at University of Illinois Extension in Quincy. The kit is available to schools and groups. The kit includes lessons, videos and many recycled items. Please contact Sharon to schedule the use of the Recycling Kit.

Newspaper Pots

Make biodegradable planting pots inexpensively by using newspaper and pvc pipe. Click on the following link for instructions.

Biodegradable Newspaper Pots

Featured Children's Literature

The Tree Farmer by Chuck Leavell (keyboardist for the Rolling Stones) and Nicholas Cravotta. From The Tree Farmer: "A grandson confronts his grandfather, a tree farmer, about how he can grow trees with so much love and care, only to cut them down. But as they walk together through the trees, they discover the majesty of the forest and enjoy the life journey of each tree." Learn more about The Tree Farmer and environmental stewardship at

What the World Eats and Hungry Planet by Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel is a pictorial and text account of what families around the world eat in one week. The authors sat down to eat with 25 families in twenty-one countries and collected some amazing photographs, recipes and comparison costs of food. The book with lessons is available for loan. Contact Sharon for details.

Web Resources

Illinois Ag in the Classroom Lessons and Activities

  • Illinois Ag in the Classroom: - This website has many lessons and activities related to agriculture.

  • National Ag in the Classroom: - This agricultural site has a several resources for teachers to use and a wealth of information for students to learn.

  • University of Illinois Extension Urban Programs: - A wonderful site for students, teachers and parents to visit. The websites below are just a few sites from U of I Extension Urban Programs.

    1. The Great Plant Escape: -This is an elementary program for 4th and 5th grade students. Each of the lessons in this program is interdisciplinary, designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow.

    2. Fresh from the World...Where Your Food Comes From: -This is for fourth and fifth graders but can certainly be adapted to other grade levels. The program is interdisciplinary and designed to introduce students to the history of many of our favorite foods as well as their origins.

    3. Tree House Weather Kids: -The Treehouse Weather Kids is designed for teachers and students in the 5th – 8th grades. It provides basic information on weather topics such as winds, moisture, air pressure, seasons, and storms. Activities have been provided that are appropriate for classroom settings.

    4. Riding the Winds with Kalani: -This site is designed for 5-8 year olds to gain knowledge about the weather. The site provides information on basic Earth movements, how the tilt of the Earth creates the seasons, what temperature is, and so much more!

    5. Food Fun From Apples to Zucchini: -This program is interdisciplinary and is designed to introduce students to produce they may not be familiar with by talking a little bit about fun facts and nutritional information. The website will also help to enhance students' math, reading, writing, and creative arts skills.

    6. The All-Star River Explorers: - Discover the basics of rivers and how they are formed.

    7. The Great Corn Adventures: -The Great Corn Adventure will help students learn the history of corn, how it is an important grain around the world, how corn grows and is harvested, and the many uses of corn.

    8. Shake, Rattle, and Slide: - Discusses the work of earthquakes, volcanoes, and glaciers.

    9. The Adventures of Herman: -The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the worm.

    10. Apples & More: - From growing apples to making apple cider, this website has all you need to know about apples.

    11. Character Education: -These activities will challenge students' minds, empower their senses of well-being, and rekindle their hearts with a commitment to values and beliefs essential to becoming and being whole individuals.

    12. Incubation and Embryology: Teacher's guide for the 4-H Incubation and Embryology project including lesson plans, activities, and background resources.

Other Resources

Ag Mags can be ordered any time of year to be distributed to your students. Click on the following link: Ag Mags. Check with your Ag Awareness Coordinator to see if your selection is in stock.