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Fruit and Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri
Timely vegetable crop info for local producers.

Weekly Fruit and Vegetable Update

Posted by Mike Roegge - Articles

1- Soil temperatures, 4" depth

  1. Monmouth 71.7
  2. Perry 73.5

2- Strawberry harvest is slowly winding down. For most folks, the yields were good. Weather the past week has certainly made picking fun for those who are still harvesting. Renovation should be completed as soon as harvest is over. See the latest issue of the IL Fruit and Vegetable News for information.

3- Corn Earworm (CEW) moths are active in early planted sweet corn. Early sweet corn is silking, and is the only corn that is, so that crop is very attractive to the moth, drawing moths from a wide area. Eggs are laid on the silk and hatching larvae will work their way down the silk to the ear, where they feed. Use of a pheromone trap is recommended to determine treatment. Base treatment on the number of moths captured, temperatures and silk growth. There are two Bt sweet corn traits that offer protection against certain lepidoptera, including earworm. Attribute I and II and Performance are the trade names. Of these, Attribute II provides the best protection as over 93% of the kernels carry the Bt trait, whereas the other two Bt's have 75% of the kernels that carry the trait. The CEW must feed on a kernel and intake the Bt protein before the larvae will be controlled.

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