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Fruit and Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri
Timely vegetable crop info for local producers.

Gateway Small Fruit and Vegetable Conference

Posted by Mike Roegge - Articles

1- Growing degree days (base 50) since April 1

  1. Monmouth 1417; 11 year average- 1260
  2. Perry 1533; 11 year average- 1345

2- Japanese Beetle have been with us for several weeks now. They will feed on over 250 different plants, but do have their favorites. Sevin is a very effective product against the beetle. When you first notice the beetles, take action, as they send out pheromones when feeding begins, letting their buddies know about the feast.

3- High tunnel tomato growers need to be watchful for two spotted spider mites and aphids. Both flourish in a high tunnel as very few predators are present. Examine the underside of leaves for both at routine intervals.

Consult the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for labeled products.

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