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Fruit and Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri
Timely vegetable crop info for local producers.


Posted by Mike Roegge - Articles

1- Growing Degree Days (base 50, since April 1)

  1. Monmouth 1734 Average (11 year): 1577
  2. b. Perry 1884 Average (11 year): 1681

2- Wet soils are seriously compromising perennial crops. The lack of any oxygen in saturated soils creates an anaerobic condition, which destroys root systems. We are beginning to see those impacts on many crops. Brambles (and other fruit crops) are not producing much fruit, especially on the poorly drained soils. In a normal year, abundant rains help increase yields as most brambles are not irrigated. Not so this year. Even pasture and hay crops have really suffered with the excess moisture.

3- High tunnel growers be cautious and scout for two spotted spider mites and aphids. Both these pests can explode in populations in a high tunnel environment. See this past weeks' IL Fruit and Vegetable News

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