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Fruit and Vegetable Weekly Crop Update

West Central Illinois and Northeast Missouri
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Posted by Mike Roegge - Articles

  1. Growing Degree Days (base 50) since April 1st
  2. Monmouth 1899 Average (11 year): 1737
  3. b. Perry 2056 Average (11 year): 1851
  4. 2. Still too much water, I recorded another 3/4 " of rain over the weekend. These saturated soils are devoid of oxygen, and it's been difficult for root systems to function effectively. They just can't survive very well in such conditions. And we are beginning to see those effects. Both annuals and perennials (fruits and vegetables) are affected. In many instances, the fruit is present, but the root system is unable to fulfill its mission of filling the fruit, so smaller sized fruit will be the result. And by fruit I'm referring to the product or seed of the plant (what you harvest).
  5. 3. Will adding extra nitrogen to the soil help alleviate the condition? No really. All the rains have pretty much leached any nitrogen out of the top 12-24" of soil. But until the root system can function properly, any added nutrients will not likely find its way into the plant.

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