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Earl Bricker
County Extension Director
University of Illinois Extension
330 S. 36th St
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: 217-223-8380
FAX: 217-223-9368

Unit 14 Extension Council

Unit 14 Extension Council


The Extension council is authorized by the University of Illinois Board of

Trustees, in accordance with state law, to be actively involved in the operation of

University of Illinois Extension. Extension councils cooperate with Extension

staff in planning, promoting, developing, implementing, evaluating, and

financing an Extension program designed to meet the needs, interests, and

resources of the local communities served.

Unit 14 Council Members


Chair: Tim Luthy - Rushville

Vice Chair: Barb Casady - Warsaw

Secretary: Vicki Phillips - Mt. Sterling/Rushville

Treasurer: Brock Willard - Pittsfield

Holly Acheson - Rushville

Mary Barnes - Nebo

Theresa Bockhold - Payson

Angela Caldwell - Quincy

Daron Duke - Mendon

Sarah Fernandez - Quincy

Mark Hanson - Hamilton

Barbara Dietrich Holthaus - Quincy

John Robert (Rob) Kirkham - Rushville

Amy Lefringhouse - Hull

Debra Miller - Bowen

Carolyn Roberts - Liberty

Pam Shaffer - Ursa

Steven Stoll - Quincy

Tammy Underwood - Mt. Sterling