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How does the ACA impact uninsured in Illinois?

Not all states have a state run health insurance exchange. In Illinois, our official health marketplace (exchange) is Get Covered Illinois. Get Covered Illinois is where uninsured/under-insured Illinois residents shop, compare, and purchase their health insurance. The Patient Protection Act specified some basic requirements that state run exchanges should have. Not all states decided to develop a state run exchange. In these instances, they will use the one set up by the federal government, www.Healthcare.gov.


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Marketplace offers Coverage for Self-employed

Many small business owners are self-employed, which means they run an income-generating business and even sometimes hire independent contractors to do some work. These self-employed business owners are not required to use the SHOP system, but rather can use the Marketplace to find coverage to fit their individual needs. For more information about self-employment, visit http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Self-Employed


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Still need private health insurance? It's not too late.

If you missed the initial enrollment phase (October 1, 2013 - December 23, 2013), no worries. You can still sign up for health insurance until March 31, 2014. After that, open enrollment will close until October, 2014 when enrollment will open for 2015.


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