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You are not alone

In 2015, my dad was struggling to navigate healthcare.gov to determine which health insurance program was best for him and our family. Instead of continuing to struggle, he contacted a local assister, also known as a navigator, less than 20 miles from our home. He scheduled an appointment with the assister to discuss his options. He found that having these discussions in person with a trained individual really helped him to select the best health care plan for us. He is using this process again this year as his resource because our family's health care needs have changed.


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Insurance saved my health and my house

When she picked up her 5 month old daughter, she felt a lump on the side of her left breast. Thankfully, since she had health insurance, she was able to get treatment at a renowned breast cancer center and all of her surgeries and treatment were covered by insurance. Without health insurance, she would have lost her home as she and her husband did not have the means to pay out of pocket for her treatment. When serious illness strikes your family, don't get caught without health insurance. Go to Get Covered Illinois and you can get coverage today to secure your health in the future. https://getcovered.illinois.gov/en

Guest Blogger:Laura L. Payne, PhD., Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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