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Are you under 26 and need health insurance?

I've been talking to some young college students recently. When I ask them about health insurance, many of them say that they are covered under their parents or through their four-year colleges. Not all young adults are covered but may feel that they do not need health insurance because they are young and healthy.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed the option whether or not young adults can choose to carry insurance. Effective January 1 this year, it is now mandatory by law that everyone has health insurance. For a better understanding of health insurance young adults can visit the Illinois PIRG website to access resources on understanding health insurance.


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1 Response to "Are you under 26 and need health insurance?"

  1. miranda r. says:

    Young adults are supposed to have their own insurance. Another thing to note that, there is no guarantee that we will be fine all the time, no one knows what will happen tomorrow. health insurance is used when we are sick, not when we are healthy. young adults take out insurance to protect the future when young ..

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