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Enrollment has ended - now what?

So now that the official registration deadline has passed to sign up for health insurance through the marketplace - what's next?

  • If you didn't sign up for health insurance and didn't even try you will be assessed with a minimal $95 penalty through your next year's income tax form.
  • If you couldn't afford the insurance then you should have applied for Medicaid in order to have health care coverage.
  • If you started the process or made an effort but haven't finished the process you have until April 15th to choose a health insurance plan through the Marketplace.
  • If you recently signed up, as long as you pay your monthly premiums your coverage will begin on May 1, 2014.


Open enrollment for 2015 will begin November 15, 2014 - February 15, 2015. If you have a life altering event happen between now and the end of 2014 you can still use the Marketplace to choose your health coverage. Such events include getting married, divorced, losing your job, etc.


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