University of Illinois Extension

Hazardous Demo Equipment Check Out Procedure

The following list is an inventory of the Farm Hazard Demonstration Equipment that is available for loan through the Department of Agricultural Engineering (University of Illinois) and the East Peoria Extension Center. Simply click on Hazardous Demo Equipment Information to find a brief description about the equipment.

  • Power Takeoff (PTO) Hazard Demonstration
  • Grain Auger Hazard Demonstration
  • Grain Bin Hazard Demonstration
  • Farm Hazard Scene
  • Small Grain Wagons

After choosing the equipment you would like to borrow, click on "Hazardous Demo Equipment Location" to view the calendar to see if the equipment is already on loan. There are two sets of equipment, so if one set is checked out, the other may still be available. Equipment from Peoria that has been loaned out will be written in Green and equipment from Champaign that has been loaned out will be written in Orange. If equipment is available, simply submit a request to reserve the equipment. To do this, please contact:

Your request will be processed and your name will be added to the calendar.

View display posters of Grain Bin, Grain Auger and PTO Safety through the links below: