University of Illinois Extension

Farm Deaths 2009–2010

2009 Data
Date Age Sex County Incident Description
1/9 72 M LaSalle Victim caught in drive shaft of auger            
1/9 60 M Williamson Struck by limb while cutting tree             
2/9 58 M Menard Tractor rolled off the levee while patching, pinned under tractor         
2/9 66 M Clay Tractor tipped over when driver got too close to edge of road       
2/9 57 M Henderson Moving bales of hay, tractor slid off path and rolled over        
3/9 60 M DeKalb Loading soybeans from grain bin into a trailer, fell and hit head       
3/9 74 M St. Clair  Tractor struck a underneath dead tree while mowing, overturned, pinned        
4/9 48 F Bureau Vehicle tried to pass tractor on the left as it was turning left      
5/9 82 M Mercer Tractor rolled into small runoff while mowing, submerged him in water        
5/9 43 M Moultrie Barn started on fire, victim found when fire was extinguished         
5/9 70 M Randolph Mowing when railroad tie gave way, tractor overturned           
6/9 75 M Scott Tractor got stuck in mud, tried to cross field in heat and died      
7/9 92 M Effingham Lost balance while doing repair work and fell face first into pond       
8/9 54 M Carroll Tractor rolled over on  victim, righted itself and continued operating until hitting a garage  and catching fire
9/9 69 M Pike Tractor/loader accident                 
9/9 56 M Cass Crashed into a tractor as driver was performing a U-Turn         
9/9 63 M Calhoun Lawn tractor overturned                
10/9 55 M Gallatin Fell from top of bin while attempting to remove cap         
10/9 61 M Menard Tractor overturn                 
11/9 83 F Grundy Car caught onto a disk pulled by a tractor - overcorrected her vehicle      
11/9 43 M Richland Motorcycle operator struck the back of a grain truck          
2010 Data
Date Age Sex County Incident Description
12/9 55 F Bureau No details available                
1/10 22 M Shelby Moving dried corn into a large bin, victim was engulfed by corn       
3/10 37 M Lee Working in grain bin of corn, unharnessed, buried by the corn        
3/10 45 M Madison Tractor lunged forward when trying to start engine with a screw driver, run over     
4/10 58 F Macoupin Motorcyclist crossed center line, ran into tractor and was thrown from the bike (no helmet)    
4/10 91 M Randolph Fell from tractor while working in field            
4/10 3 F Union Father was operating tractor when child ran into field          
5/10 58 M Jersey Motorcyclist tried to pass tractor on left as tractor turned left, hit sprayer      
5/10 82 M White Preliminary indication is death was the result of an accident involving tractor       
6/10 8 M Moultrie Hay tedder fell from trailer and onto victim           
6/10 63 M McLean Victim was killed from trauma to his head caused by a fall       
6/10 74 M Sangamon Tractor flipped while pulling out a culvert            
6/10 79 M Greene Pulling a tank out of the mud, started rolling back due to poor vehicle condition    
7/10 11 M Will Grabbed fan while washing horses and was electrocuted           
7/10 unk unk Carroll Became trapped in grain bin              
7/10 56 F Macoupin Clearing timber with husband, tractor flipped and pinned her          
7/10 76 M Shelby Tractor overturned while mowing               
8/10 50 M Coles Pinned between two pieces of farm equipment            
8/10 14 M Carroll Became trapped in grain bin              
8/10 19 M Carroll Became trapped in grain bin              
8/10 75 M Ogle Moving cut branches with tractor, branch broke and hit victim         
8/10 50 M Greene Riding motorcycle, tried to pass tractor as driver tried to turn left, hit tractor tire.    
8/10 54 M Tazewell Had heart attack , drove into lake and held under water by mower      
8/10 83 M Johnson Found dead on tractor, but no overturn/accident            
9/10 50 M Madison Farmer put his combine in reverse-rear tire hit victim          
9/10 63 M Clinton Hay bale fell on him when raising 2 bales with tractor        
9/10 83 M Ogle Excavator slid forward causing victim to crash through windshield          
10/10 58 M LaSalle Struck by combine while driving pickup             
10/10 82 F Tazewell Tractor driver struck vehicle               
10/10 29 M Peoria Painting structure and fell through skylight             
10/10 36 M Fayette Fell off tractor and was run over            
10/10 unk M Stephenson Accidently started tractor during repair, ran over victim           
11/10 27 M Woodford Compact tractor was being loaded onto the flatbed, fell, victim tried to retrieve truck     
11/10 70 M Bureau Working with gravel, tractor slipped and turned over on him         
12/10 69 M Livingston Unloading beans and slipped and fell into PTO           

Data for 1993-2001, 2003 were compiled using Illinois Press Association clippings and a survey of death certificates by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Epidemiological Studies.