University of Illinois Extension

Community Farm Safety Leadership Development

The Community Farm Safety and Health Leadership Development Project aims at the development of local leadership groups to identify agricultural safety and health concerns within their rural communities and to delivery comprehensive programs to address those concerns. An infrastructure of support for the groups is begun by selecting a county host organization to assist the project in contacting local agricultural leaders to begin the process and to act as the initial contact source. This infrastructure of support is furthered by inviting local community and regional medical centers to participate as they can provide resources to assist the rural communities in the development and maintenance of the program initiatives. The project has a five fold aim. To enable the rural communities address those agriculture and health safety issues that are of concern to the community; access the needed resources; identify, manage and advance appropriate intervention programs; evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts; and finally, develop strategies to support the continuance of the program within the community. A necessary component for initiation of these activities is the guidance of project staff. Project personnel serve as a communications link to needed outside resources and provide needed technical guidance on agricultural safety and health issues and appropriate interventions. Project staff also facilitates the development and maturing of the community leadership groups to make informed and rational decisions regarding agricultural safety and health issues and to act on those decisions in an appropriate manner.

Participating Community Hospitals and Regional Medical Centers

  • Carle Foundation Hospital, Urbana, IL
  • Carle's Center for Rural Health and Farm Safety, Urbana, IL
  • Crawford Memorial Hospital, Robinson, IL
  • St. Anthony Medical Center, Rockford, IL
  • Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, Dixon, IL

County Committee Membership

  • Champaign County - Host: Farm Bureau
    • Farm Bureau Young Farmers Committee
    • Farm Bureau Womens Committee
  • Douglas County - Host: Farm Bureau In the process of reorganization
  • Moultrie County - Host: Farm Bureau
    • Retired agriculture instructor
    • three farmers
    • fire chief
    • farmer/farm wife
    • elevator operator
    • farm bureau secretary
  • Crawford County - Host: County Coop Extension
    • Six farm couples
    • hospital services coordinator
  • Jasper County - Host: Farm Bureau
    • Five farm couples
    • Cooperative Extension personnel
  • Ogle County - Hosts: Farm Bureau and Cooperative Extension Service
    • Three farmers
    • Two farm wives
    • Agricultural reporter
    • Hospital Board member
    • A hospital administrator
    • A hospital director of emergency services
    • Two fire chiefs/farmers
    • Two EMT's/farmers
  • Winnebago County - Hosts: Farm Bureau and Cooperative Extension Service
    • Seven retired farm couples
    • Active farm couple
    • EMT/Flight nurse
    • Fire chief/farmer and wife
    • Retired physician/farmer
    • Dept. of Health hearing consultant