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Safety Topics

Accidents Last Forever - (5 minutes)

Agricultural Equipment Operator Safety Series
(seven separate films on one video - total 65 minutes)

These seven videos were designed as a training resource for farm machinery operator safety programs fulfilling the federal law for child labor in Hazardous Occupations in Agriculture. The seven videos follow the outline from the student manual produced by Hobar Publications titled "Safe Operation of Agricultural Equipment. The films were produced by Iowa State University. The following is a list of the titles for each film:

  • Starting and Stopping Tractors
  • Tractor Safety on the Farm
  • Tractor Hitches, PTO's and Hydraulics
  • Tractor Safety on the Road
  • Why Farm Machinery Accidents Occur
  • Farm Machinery Accident Situations
  • Farmstead Safety

Split Seconds, Split Lives

Discusses the affects of accidents on the victim and their families (machinery accidents involving heavy equipment operators- i.e. bulldozers, earth moving equipment etc. - 23 minutes)

Bicycle Safety Camp (25 minutes)

Produced by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. Depicts a group of children participating in a bicycle safety camp that uses camp demonstrations and urban examples of safe practices for bicycle riders.

Cattle Handling & Transportation (25 minutes)

Produced by the Livestock Conservation Institute. Film illustrates good handling and transportation practices. Also, discusses cattle reaction to noise, flight zone, natural circling and following behavior.

Chainsaw Safety (28 minutes)

Produced by the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation.

Country Living: Kids at Work and Play (20 minutes)

Produced by the University of Florida. Includes a copy of the Leaders Guide. Though set in Florida, this video depicts every day hazards associated with most any farmstead and farming operation. Includes examples of safe operation of ATV's, storage of chemicals, horses, age appropriate tasks, and equipment.

Dairy Safety (30 minutes)

Takes a comprehensive look at problem areas inherent in a dairy operation. This includes handling cattle safely, chemical safety, feeding livestock safely, moving equipment safely, physical facility safety, communicable diseases from dairy animals, manure pit hazards and silo safety.

Dangers of Bypass Starting (2 minutes)

Deadly Dust II (30 minutes)

Produced by the Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service. Graphical illustrations and actual footage of explosions and fires related to grain dust in commercial installations for handling and processing. Contains demonstrations of and causes for primary and secondary dust explosions. Also includes major methods for prevention, emergency planning, and personnel training. Should be used prior to showing Deadly Dust III.

Deadly Dust III (22 minutes)

Produced by the Kansas State University Cooperative Extension Service. Contains a Leader's Guide. Features two employees that survived major explosions and details of the event and its affects on their lives, and includes explosion statistics. Places more emphasis on the responsibility of the employee.

Driveline Safety (18 minutes)

Produced by the Agricultural Driveline Manufactures' Association. The film in narrated by Orion Samuelson discuses safety concerns and effective preventive measures associated with PTO's on agricultural equipment.

Every Time....Every Ride... (20 minutes)

Produced by the Washington State 4-H Foundation and the Washington State University Cooperative Extension Service. Demonstrates the need for horse riders to wear headgear certified to meet the standard for equestrian headgear. Features interviews with medical providers, accident victims, families of accident fatalities, and footage of horses in a wide variety of sports.

Field of Danger: Children on the Farm (28 minutes)

Produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and OSU Ag. Communications. This video contains examples of children performing commonly assigned tasks on a family farm. Included are comments from the farm family whose children are depicted, a family that has lost a child to an agricultural related incident, agricultural safety specialists, emergency medical and hospital personnel, a child safety advocate, and a portion of a Farm Safety 4 Just Kids video.

Facing the Challenge: Farm Safety

Produced by the Iowa Attorney General's office. Depicts farm safety situations and proper response in addition to recommended safe practices.

Farm and Ranch Equipment Safety
(19 minutes English version and 17 minute Spanish Version)

Produced by the University of Idaho the film discusses farm and ranch equipment accidents and what can be done to reduce them. This includes communication strategies and hand signals for farm and ranch workers.

Farm Safety, A Second Chance (14:44 minutes)

Produced by Dow Elanco. This video features segments of interviews with individuals concerning their farm accidents. Each provides details of how the accident happened and the effects of the accident. Included is a follow-up with one of the wives/mothers from the Farm Safety, Family Style video whose family suffered an accident after that tape was filmed.

Farm Safety, Family Style (14 minutes)

Produced by Dow Elanco. This video features candid discussions with farm families about safety concerns. It reviews some basic safety rules and shows how these families have incorporated them into their daily lives. Also, this documentary details how farm families - especially farm wives and mothers are managing their changing roles and responsibilities to enhance the quality of life for their families.

Farm Safety for Kids (18 minutes)

Produced by Dow-Elanco. this film discusses some of the issues of child safety on the farm and recommended accident prevention measures.

Farm Safety Goes to Camp (16:15 minutes)

Produced by Dow Elanco. An overview of Farm Safety Day Camps in various locations. Includes interviews with those involved in staging the programs and clips of actual sessions sponsored.

Farm Safety WALKABOUT (12 minutes)

Produced by the University of Iowa. An overview on a program that provides methods and strategies to help prevent and control farm injuries. The program supplies materials that can be used by farm families to conduct a survey of their farm to help identify hazards present. Materials and information on the program available through the University of Illinois Chicago, School of Public Health.

Kids Talk Farm Safety Stuff (7 minutes)

Produced by Dow Elanco. This film takes you on a safety tour of a farm at a child's level. This fast moving film is excellent for preschool and grade school age audiences.

Right-of-Way Mowing Safety (24:30 minutes)

Produced by Deere and Company. Depicts hazard associated with using tractor and mower combinations on highway and interstate right-of-ways. Covers practices to keep operators, by-standers, and the passing traveling public safe.

Safe Country (20 minutes)

Developed in 1990 by Country Companies Insurance. The video features interviews with safety experts, an arm and hand surgeon, and family members who have lost loved ones in accidents. These testimonials and the supporting safety tips dramatize the hazards associated with agricultural equipment. (Note: The film defines a slow moving vehicle that must be equipped with an SMV emblem as one that travels at 25 mph or less. The Illinois Vehicle Code does not use this definition for defining a slow moving farm vehicle that would be required to have a SMV emblem. It basically states that any piece of equipment that is classified as an implement of husbandry must be equipped with an SMV emblem when operating on public roads. This should be pointed out to an audience either before or after showing of the tape.

Safe Country For Kids (10 minutes)

Produced by County Companies, 1993. Intended to help children nine and under realize the dangers and hazards associated with being in the country and on farms and ranches. Includes 10 steps for making the farm and ranch safer for kids.

Safety Net (15:00 minutes)

Produced by Farm Safety 4 Just Kids. Uses television show format to introduce farm safety topics. Includes a farm safety quiz, a pto entanglement demonstration, and ATV safety.

Safe Operation of John Deere Skid Steer Loaders (9:20 minutes)

Produced by Deere and Company.

Safe Operation of Skid Steer Loaders (10:30 minutes)

Produced by the Equipment Manufacturers Institute.

Sawdust (18 minutes)

Produced by the Indiana Rural Safety and Health Council. Presents an overview of home and farm safety related incidents. Uses a puppet "Sawdust" that dreams of being real and provides commentary on situations as they occur.

Tractor Accidents: It's Not Gonna Happen to Me (20 minutes)

Presents information on safe operation and maintenance of farm tractors.

Tractor Rollover and ROPS (6:30 minutes)

Tractor Safety is No Accident (20 minutes)

Produced by J.I. Case. Information on tractor safety and interviews with individuals involved in tractor related incidents.

Tripod Orchard Ladder Safety (9.5 minutes both English and Spanish versions)

Produced by Oregon State University.

Youth and Dairy Cattle: A Safe Partnership (16 minutes)

Produced by the Livestock Conservation Institute. Included is a copy of a workbook published to be used with the video. Contains information that can be used as a guide for young people working with dairy cattle. Covers everyday, transportation, and show practices needed to work safely with dairy animals.

Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous Ammonia Safety (Two tape set, total 50 minutes)

Distributed by the Iowa Fertilizer and Chemical Association. Safe handling and application information and procedures when working with anhydrous ammonia. One tape geared to on the farm use: includes safety components, hook-up procedures and safety precautions. One tape geared to dealers and includes railroad car transfer; yard facilities, layout and safety procedures; transfer to nurse tanks and hook-up of application equipment.

Anhydrous and Aqua Ammonia Safety (82 minutes total)

Produced by Unocal 76, 1992. Safe handling and application information and procedures for working with anhydrous ammonia and Aqua ammonia. Extensive coverage of dealer aspects including physical properties, personal safety equipment and equipment for storage, handling, transfer and transport of both products. Emergency procedures also covered. Farm audiences can use those portions of the tape that address physical properties, transport, hook-up and application issues.

Caution Ammonia: Handle with Care (20 minutes)

Safe handling and application procedures on farms of anhydrous ammonia.

ATV Safety

A Guide to Off-Highway Riding - Motorcycle and ATV's (18 minutes)

Produced by the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America.

ATV Safety on the Farm (12 minutes)

Produced by The Ohio State University Extension. Provides a concise overview of ATV safety basics for both farm operators and employees. Emphasis on driving safely and using the proper personal protective equipment.

4-H Community ATV Safety Program (8.5 minutes)

Produced by the National 4-H Foundation. Describes a national program to assist 4-H clubs in the development of a community ATV safety program.

Off Target, Off Road - Safe Riding Tips for ATV Riders (18 minutes)

Produced by the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America.

Agricultural Extrication

Agricultural Accident Rescue

These video tapes are intended primarily for fire department, rescue and EMS personnel. 
The videos relate to various injury incidents that can occur in production farming and extraction techniques needed.

  • Auger Rescue
  • Corn Picker Rescue
  • Farm Machinery Accidents
  • PTO Rescue
  • Tractor Overturn - Crushing
  • Grain Combine
  • Large Rd Balers
  • Silo Rescue
  • Manure Storage Rescue
  • Grain Bin Rescue

University of Nebraska Rescue Series (17 to 20 minutes)

Videos are on various topics related to farm accident rescue. They were produced primarily for rescue units and EMS personnel.